I Want to Murder My Inner Critic

Friday, October 25, 2013

I had all kinds of ideas for my post today. An interview with my inner critic. Five ways to beat the inner-critic blues. Inner-critic schizophrenia. I coulda had some fun with this topic. But I have to be true to the reality of my life. And life got in the way yesterday. I found out that my beloved Luna the One-Eyed Wonder Dog has malignant, aggressive oral cancer. I’m devastated….


My Constant Companion: the Inner Critic

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This week’s topic is “The Care and Feeding of Our Inner Critics.” And let me tell you, my inner critic does not need to be fed. She is a gluttonous, double-chinned nun, a specter of my Catholic School days. Her black habit flows straight down from her ample chest. You can’t tell what’s all underneath there, but you don’t want to know anyway. I’ll tell you what’s keeping her plump,…


How to Get Your Inner Critic to Zip It

Monday, October 21, 2013

I write during my lunch hour, so when I sit down to write, I’m also often sitting down to eat. At the same time, my inner critic is tucking into a hearty meal of all my hopes and dreams. That’s how it feels, anyway. Pasta for me, and a nice big helping of total evisceration of my self-confidence for my friend, here. You might think that having a book coming…


GUEST AUTHOR: Jennifer Laam on Her Inner Critic + Giveaway of THE SECRET DAUGHTER OF THE TSAR

Saturday, October 19, 2013

We’re thrilled to welcome Jennifer Laam, author of the upcoming THE SECRET DAUGHTER OF THE TSAR (St. Martin’s Griffin), to The Debutante Ball this week. In her riveting debut novel that launches on Tuesday, October 22nd, Jennifer seamlessly braids together the stories of three women — Veronica, Lena, and Charlotte — and imagines an alternate history for the Romanov family – one in which a secret fifth daughter, smuggled out of…