Please Pass the Butter by Deb Kristy

I like my name. It has a certain rhythm to it (can anyone spell rhythm correctly the first time?) and I like the symmetry of the two K’s. I also like the fact that if you fake an Irish brogue, you can say my last name correctly on the first try. Go ahead, try it: Keeeer-nin. Just makes you ache for a black and tan doesn’t it? But like most…

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fluffy Avonside by any other name by Deb Jennifer

With all due respect to Anna (aka Benjamin), the porn name formula by which I have always sworn is name of first pet + name of the street you grew up on.  My name, by the way, would be Mumpsy Avonside.  Sexy, huh?  Okay, second pet: Fluffy.  This works much better.  Phew!   There’s also a romance novelist name formula I’ve heard of – your middle name + your mother’s maiden…

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Shivering Pomeranians, Pen Names and Ari Gold

As I write this, my basement is filling up with water. Some sort of tempest swirled up from the bowels of the stratosphere and has, apparently tipped Toronto on its side so driving rain can attack the city from the left. It’s always best to attack from the left. Remember that. I should get off the computer. That’s the thunderstorm rule. Maybe so I don’t get hit by e-shrapnel if…

Tuesday, April 24, 2007