Life Lessons from Hollywood, With Love

Thursday, December 11, 2014

People say book publishing is a hard game. Heck (haha, heck!), I’ve said it myself, right here on this very site. And I won’t deny it. But think publishing is hard? You should try Hollywood. That, there, is a true pit of despair. Because in LaLaLand, you can do everything right and still fail big time. And in fact, chances are 99.99 percent that you will. Case in point? This…


Deb Amy And The Art Of Finding A Tribe, And A Kitten Sweatshirt

When my kids were little it was easy to make friends with other moms. When I was married it was easy to make friends with the wives of other golf-obsessed husbands. When I was in college it was easy to make friends with sorority sisters and the students within my major. I found myself in the same place, and having the same experiences as these people. I didn’t need to…

Friday, October 5, 2012