Romans Had Refrigerators?? Feast of Sorrow Enlightens

It’s the morning after Feast of Sorrow’s book launch, and I bet Crystal is waking up thinking, “Holy Cr@p! My book is out!” Except, I don’t know, maybe she isn’t cursing to herself because she’s a slightly more polite person than I am! Don’t pinch yourself, Crystal! It’s real. Launch day arrived, and Feast of Sorrow is…
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Guest Interview with Melanie Brooks + #DebBallGiveaway of WRITING HARD STORIES

I have a confession: when I found out that my publisher, Beacon Press, would be publishing a book about “writing hard stories” on the same day that my memoir dropped, I was dubious.  I was worried because I didn’t think there’d be any way for a single book to elucidate the complicated feelings of putting trauma…
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Social Media for the Memoirists (Or… “Aren’t I naked enough already?”)

This week we’re writing about technology, and wow, Crystal nailed just about every tech tool that can help you keep your otherwise-unruly in-process novel organized. And Amy put up another hilarious-yet-not-hilarious post about what it’s like to write in this political climate (oops, I think that was a bit of a spoiler). Anyway, I thought…
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