Buy Eileen Cook’s UNPREDICTABLE by Deb Gail (but only if you want to laugh)

UNPREDICTABLE is such an awesome debut that I’m a bit lost for words. I just want to say BUY THIS BOOK NOW. But that doesn’t do it justice. Not for a book that doesn’t read like a debut. A book with a voice that is full of chutzpah and authorial authority. Or a protagonist like Sophie Kintock, who is honest and real and sassy and had me rooting for her the moment she said, “Obviously I’m not the crazy one here,” as she’s breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. Because she is. And that makes her utterly lovable. She is Everywoman who has felt not good enough, at loose ends, a bit desperate, in love with the idea of being in love, afraid to move on. And yet at the same time is larger than life, doing outrageous things I would have loved to have done but never had the nerve to. And Eileen Cook weaves the best details through her story starting with above mentioned no good ex-boyfriend’s sock that she steals in the first scene that ends up in Sophie’s hair later on. Please trust me when I say that Eileen Cook is a writer to watch. She is spit-water-out-your-mouth funny. Smart/funny. The kind of funny that makes you want to hang out with her. So I would suggest not only buying UNPREDICTABLE this very moment and devouring it the way Sophie devours ice cream, but also press it into the hands of family and friends. They’ll thank you!

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  1. I’ve not only pimped this book, but have purchased it – just waiting to receive it along with my copies of SWWC. Now which one do I read first????

    Happy Launch, Eileen!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Just got back from the dentist and in between drilling and numbing I talked up UNPREDICTABLE!! And can’t wait to read another one of your sonnets, Danielle.

  3. If we didn’t know better — hmm, do we? 😉 –, our thoughts might wonder how many of Sophie’s escapades did Eileen try? However we do know better = Eileen is truly funny with a most unpredictable imagination. Congraulations, Eileen!

    P.S. UNPREDICTABLE makes a great Valentine for anyone who likes to laugh!

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