UNPREDICTABLE…Predictably Fabulous by Deb Jenny

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I’m seeing something…it’s a little hazy at first, but the more I stare the more I can see it. It’s an image of me, laughing my butt off while reading Unpredictable, Deb Eileen’s hilarious debut novel.

Long before I read her book, I was laughing at much of what Eileen had to say. She is a really clever, really witty person. I felt instantly bonded with Eileen because we both have an extreme sense of humor. Extreme in a good way, of course. I just knew I’d love her book. And I did. And I adored her kooky heroine Sophie who can’t help but trip herself up because she’s so blinded to the truth. Perhaps because of our shared twisted wit, on more than one occasion I thought, ‘wow, I could totally see doing this to my protagonist, Claire, too.’ And so it was an added bonus to be “bundled” with Eileen on Amazon—already bundled here at the Ball, but also with our releases.

It’s been such fun being able to share this experience with Eileen and I tell you you want to run, not walk, out to get your own copy of Unpredictable. She’ll have you laughing for hours.

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  1. Great post, Jenny! Eileen is so damn funny and witty. LOVE her voice in Unpredictable. I feel so lucky that I get to meet her in a few weeks in Chicago!!

    PS: my aunt sent me an email recently after preordering Driving Sideways. She got a follow-up email from amazon that read, “Shoppers who bought Driving Sideways might also enjoy Sleeping with Ward Cleaver.” She said she laughed for like an hour after that. “I never really found him all that attractive,” she said. I told her she should buy your book and find out for sure. 🙂

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