Deb Kim on Beginnings That Make You Smile

Beginnings can be exciting, wonderful, frightening and most are inevitable.  Life changes whether we like it or not.  I love December 23rd. To me that’s the beginning of the actual Christmas celebration without the stress and work of the 24th or the 25th. It’s my favorite day of the year. As kids, my sister and brother and I used to fight over who got to put the first spoon into the Jif peanut butter, dipping through the shiny, creamy layer.  Fluff the marshmallow cream from New England magically “resealed” itself after every serving and saved us from many arguments.

Here’s one of my favorite beginnings of all time. It’s the Sesame Street theme song. And someone was kind enough to splice together many of the versions that have run since its launch in 1969 (which I watched in first grade!) I’m a Snuffy sized Sesame Street fan. The song just makes me smile and my blood pressure drops when I hear it.  It has changed over the years as musical tastes have changed (evolved, not so much!)  It reminds that that even beginnings can change and grow and we can still love them.

How do you feel about a blank screen facing you as you begin a manuscript? I love that feeling! Although sometimes I hate it, and do the imaginary crumple and miss the trash can. That’s an app we all need – a button so that you can hear a the crinkle of paper and the thunk into the circular file.  Lord knows there’s no easy button for beginning a manuscript.

What are some of your favorite beginnings? And is anyone else craving a Fluffernutter sandwich?  I’ll start the Jif.


6 Replies to “Deb Kim on Beginnings That Make You Smile”

  1. I love my e-reader, but there’s nothing like cracking open a book I’ve really been looking forward to. I also love opening the door to a clean hotel room, a fresh pint of ice cream with that Jif-like unbroken top, the rush of scent when you tear open a new package of soap, and a shower after a long workout.

    Yup, new beginnings rock. Thanks for helping me think differently about this!

  2. I stared at that peanut butter picture for a long time trying to figure out what it was. I deliberately didn’t scroll down for awhile because I wanted to see if I could get it without context. I was thinking Georgia O’Keefe. Obviously, I was a little off.

    And yeah, I do want a fluffernutter sandwich now, and I’ve never had one in my life.


  3. I totally love being the first one to dip my knife into a fresh jar of peanut butter. Mmmm. Yummy.

    Also, the Sesame Street opening still makes me happy, even though my kiddos are grown. When they were little, it always meant I was about to be blessed with a few minutes of writing time.

  4. I was so with Tawna in O’Keefe land with the peanut butter! YA and Romance clearly think along the same one-track lines…

    You know me well enough now that I don’t have to express my off-the-charts Sesame love. SO with you on that one!

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