Deb Tawna confuses beginnings and ends

Wait, we’re talking about beginnings this week?

Crap. I had a whole post planned out for ends. Well, rear ends. Male ones. The top 12 most spectacular rear ends on the planet (complete with photos).

In lieu of posting a dozen butt pictures, I decided to google this week’s blog phrase, “new beginnings.” It’s a surprisingly popular term that’s been claimed by a home for teen moms, a chiropractic clinic, an animal shelter, a church, a nutritional supplement, and I swear I’m not making this up, a blog devoted to enriching marriage through spanking.

I don’t think I want to write about any of those things.

OK, that’s a lie. I do kind of want to write about one of those things, but it’s probably not appropriate for this blog.

New beginnings are not my favorite aspect of writing. I say this having just typed “the end” on the third book in my contract and then having to halt my happy-dance in the middle of tossing my bra on the chandelier because I suddenly realized I have to start a new book

I hate that.

I know many writers love starting new books, but I’m not one of them. I’m much happier massaging an existing story until all its parts fall off.

But I’ve got to keep moving forward, starting fresh, building new bridges. Those are fancy ways of reminding myself there’s an option clause in my contract (which means my publisher gets first dibs on what I write next).

So I will begin again. Soon. Really.

Right after I look at those butt pictures one more time.

How do you feel about new beginnings? Or rear ends, really. Either subject is open for discussion.

23 Replies to “Deb Tawna confuses beginnings and ends”

  1. Maybe we should start a partnership where I write the new books and you massage them until they fall apart.

    Or maybe we should start a massage business specializing in rear ends.

    Either way, I think we will be a hit. Congrats on finishing #3!

  2. More butt pics!!

    Uh, sorry. Don’t know what came over me. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Beginnings. I kind of like them. Endings, too. It’s the Great Swampy Middle (as Dresden Files author Jim Butcher likes to call it) that can bog me down if I’m not careful.

    Now, can we go back to butts, please?

  3. The DebUTTAnte Ball? He’s a bit thin for my tastes. So we do not have to share. Writing THE END in a manuscript feels great, even though you know you have a boatload of editing ahead of you.

    So I guess my artsy peanut butter photo isn’t the sexiest pic of the week any longer?

  4. Perhaps you could try imagine the beginning as the middle of the story? 😉 (Because, really, the beginning of the story is never the beginning of the story. There are always some things that have happened in the past that brings the story to where it starts.)

    I love beginnings. The first paragraph is the best thing of the story, and sometimes even the first page. The greater part of my 15 page idea file is snippets of beginnings. And I don’t know how many begun stories I have which will never be finished.

    If anyone ever needs a beginning, call for me. I’ll gladly give you one and then just relish the story you weave from it.

  5. How is there not a link to more sexy butt pictures on this page? Or is that a tease for the book… hidden in Making Waves is a link to the sexiest butts on the planet.

    So excited you finished book three! Keep swinging from the chandelier and celebrate before you dive into book 4 — you deserve it.

  6. “OK, that’s a lie. I do kind of want to write about one of those things, but it’s probably not appropriate for this blog.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for my Friday afternoon laugh 🙂

  7. I am good with beginnings. And with endings. It’s the middles I have trouble with. I’m kinda like – terrific opening paragraph – first sentence of body of book – oh look something shiny (or more likely something sexy, a package I’d really like to examine – weeks later – where was I?

    Glad you finished #3. Can’t wait to read #1!

  8. DeBUTTante Ball. You guys crack me up. Dying over here! 🙂

    Congrats on hitting “the end,” of your latest project, T. Something tells me you have dozens and dozens more stories to tell, and I’ll be excited to read them all. xoxo

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