Deb Tawna’s dreams might get her arrested in some states

I’ve always envied people who dream about fun things like flying or showing up naked to work.

Though my dreams start out normal, there’s usually a point where my subconscious shifts and says, “You know what would make this dream about browsing the library even better? Gnomes! And let’s line the floor with Pop-Tarts. And what if all the books grew wings and started flying around sqwaking about a shoe sale at Macy’s?

Deb Tawna with her boyfriend, George Clooney, and, um...Steve Buscemi?

I always seem to remember my dreams, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. My most common recurring dream involves having my teeth fall out. Sometimes it starts with just one loose tooth, and other times my whole mouthful crumbles to dust. Since I’ve had variations of the dream from the time I was young, my subconscious has gotten crafty. I’ll be in the middle of the tooth dream firmly convinced I’m awake, and I’ll find myself thinking, “wow, I’ve been having this dream my whole life and now it’s really happened!”

I’ll also confess that my dreams often take on a decidedly risqué tone. My only wish is that I had more control over the starring characters. While dreaming about a wild tryst in a spaceship is appealing if I’m cast opposite George Clooney, I’m not so thrilled to wake and realize I was just knocking boots with Steve Buscemi.

What sort of dreams do you tend to have? Naughty, nice, or just plain weird? Please share!

16 Replies to “Deb Tawna’s dreams might get her arrested in some states”

  1. What? Oh, I’m sorry — I was just dreaming about George Clooney looking at me with that face he’s making in the picture. It was fantastic… until all the gnomes showed up.

  2. We must be dreaming soulmates! I have crazy dreams and the tooth one is fairly common as well. Just last night I dreamt that Paul McCartney was the father of a friend of mine and I met him (and the rest of the Beatles, even George and John) at her house.

    1. I’m cracking up at the Paul McCartney dream! From what I understand, the tooth one is really common and has something to do with a fear of losing control. Go figure.

  3. I gotta tell you, I think Steve Buscemi is really sexy. Sorry.

    I used to have the tooth one all the time – I read somewhere it’s about money, but I always thought it was about lack of control. And, interestingly, now that I’m more in control of things in my life, I have it less!

  4. The other night I dreamed our agent (Michelle Wolfson) had all her clients over for some sort of writers retreat, and she put us in a big playpen with her three-year-old. Hmmm. Lord only knows what THAT means. Nothing against Michelle, but I’d rather dream about George Clooney. Or Daniel Craig. Or Hugh Jackman. Or…well, you get the drift. 😉

  5. I have a version of the tooth dream. I always dream I’m about to get on a plane and I realize I’ve forgotten my Xanax, which is the only thing that lets me fly without a panic attack. Then I tell myself I’m only dreaming, and sigh in relief, but then my dream takes over again and I realize that my nightmare is finally happening – I have no Xanax and the flight is about to leave! It’s like a dream within a dream. Um, you don’t think it has anything to do with anxiety/control, do you?
    I want a George Clooney dream. I’ve been robbed.

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