Favorite Hobbies of a Full-Time Writing Mother of Three Under Seven by Deb Tiffany

debauthorpic11. Dreaming of all the hobbies I’d take up if I had more time.

2. Amateur Sleuthing. For instance, the grayish pulp mashed on the floor is:
a) dessicated blueberries
b) playdough mixed with an unidentifiable substance
c) probably biological in nature
d) all of the above

3. Planning sensible, healthy, economic meals that eventually will be consumed after a ritualistic series of orange-level threats, negotiations, and bartering.

4. Tracking the mating habits of socks in the wild. Why are there so many single socks? Are socks not, perhaps, meant to coexist in lifelong, monogamous relationships? If so, why do we force this arrangement on them? Discuss.

5. Filling up the car, a task that no one else in the family apparently has the ninja-level skills to accomplish.

6. Atrocious reality TV (see “guilty pleasures” post).

7. Obsessively checking your Amazon ranking, even after you’ve been warned NOT to do this.

8. Exercise! Loading and unloading three kids from the car + eight bags of groceries + dry cleaning + coming inside and fixing dinner, doing a load of laundry, the dishes, and tidying up the family room after what appears to be a nuclear blast = tone and definition!

9. Checking your Amazon ranking again.

10. Chocolate.

Bon Vivant!

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  1. Very clever Tiffany! And then there’s all the flexibility workout you get from constantly bending and reaching to find things in the refrigerator that no one else in the family seems to have the visual capacity to find (the ketchup, the mayonaise, the mustard …); the sharpening of reflexes, timing and driving skills (not to mention problem solving ability) as you tote the kids to and pick them up from three different activities at three different locations all at the same time and then, of course, there’s juggling!

  2. I’m giggling over my coffee this morning, Tiffany.

    This morning I had the obstacle course (avoiding stepping on all the toys scattered around the floor), and the sprint (dashing the last few blocks to school to make up for the dawdling for several blocks as my son had to kick each snow bank). Very good cardio.

  3. #5 would send me into a rage spiral. I hate getting gas. It’s easier with a Prius–only every two weeks instead of every five days–but still. I hate it.

    Then again, #10 makes all the rest of it bearable!

  4. Katie, I get so irritated about the gas thing, too. My husband calls it “gas tank roulette,” and he always wins. In his next life he will definitely be reincarnated as a woman.

  5. Here I though I was the only one who spent time thinking about all the cool hobbies I could take up without actually taking them up. Take running. I love the idea of running, but thus far have found the reality to involve a lot of sweat and hard work.

  6. Hi Tiffany

    My sister-in-law Meave just met you in SF and asked if I knew of you… and I said, whoa yes, that book I see everywhere with the great cover and the even better title. Very cool. I am a writer too–published a non fiction book and am currently shopping around my novel (Deb Futter at Grand Central passed). It was a very exciting journey… until it became grueling… the publishing world fell apart just as my novel hit their desks.

    Good luck with the sales! From what I can tell, you are getting really good exposure and doing very well–you were certainly on my radar screen.


  7. Katrin, Maeve is lovely, and thanks for stopping by the Ball! Good luck with your novel. Believe me, if anyone knows it’s hard I do, so keep your chin up and let’s hope it finds the perfect home! Hope you enjoy the Ball and good luck with everything!

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