Giggle-liciously Funny!

This week we’re supposed to be writing about books similar to our own, and discussing their merits.  Honestly, I’ve never come across a book as crafty and hilariously insidious as mine (shameless self-promotion) but I do happen to have some favorite funny books which I turn to on many occassions looking to laugh like a fool and find renewed writing inspiration.

Here (in no particular order) are my top 10 giggle-licious offerings:

1.  SeinLanguage — Jerry Seinfeld

2.  A Year in the Merde — Stephen Clarke

3.  Are you there Vodka?  It’s Me, Chelsea — Chelsea Handler

4.  Me Talk Pretty One Day — David Sedaris

5.  Fatherhood — Bill Cosby

6.  My Point…And I do Have One —  Ellen Degeneres

7.  Cyanide and Happiness — Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker and Matt Melvin

8.  I am America (and so can you) — Stephen Colbert

9.  Babyhood — Paul Reiser

10. Stay Fit and Healthy Until You’re Dead — Dave Barry

ENJOY… and read as often as laughs are needed!

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