How hot is it? by Founder Kristy

What a great week at the Ball! I think you’ll agree that we managed to pick fabulous new Debs and we couldn’t be more excited that their first week was such a rousing success. 

 Now, on to the title question:

It’s so hot that we’ve all decided to stop dancing for a day to go sit in a pool with a cold one and moan about the heat. We suggest you do the same.

If a pool is unavailable, turn down the air conditioning and take this opportunity to visit some of the bloggers and groggers on our sidebar. There are some fabulous writers over there, and they need your attention. 

If air conditioning is unavailable, pack yourself in ice and dial 9-1. When the ice melts and you start to feel fuzzy, push the other 1, and poof, handsome EMTs will appear at your door and will escort you to the air conditioned hospital of your choice. Stay there as long as you can.

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4 Replies to “How hot is it? by Founder Kristy”

  1. Oh yeah…feel free to stop on over at where I am guest blogging today 😉
    I took the liberty of using my comments here as a jumping off point over there.

  2. I’m not good in the heat, so I suppose it’s lucky I live in Canada. But it does get unbearably hot (for me) in the summer here, too.

    A friend who lives in Texas recently gave me a great line. She said where she lives, August is a curse word. Gotta remember that one. Maybe I shouldn’t have just shared it with a bunch of writers. Doh!

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