Just call me a sinner!

I’ll refer to scripture here, in an effort to prove a point.

“He without sin shall cast the first stone.”  

Nevermind that I’m a hardcore Catholic who married a Jew  -but that’s not relevant at the moment—what IS relevant however, is that none of us can claim to be flawless.  We all do naughty things from time to time (some more than others i.e. TIGER WOODS) and we all have bad habits whether we like to admit it or not.

So are you ready for my grand admission?  Get ready cause it doesn’t happen too often. I have a terrible habit and it drives my husband absolutely crazy.  I chew ice.

Trust me, I have a myriad of other not so great habits (drinking out of containers, interrupting, eating in bed) but for some reason, chewing ice is the one that most often gets me in trouble.  By trouble I mean hearing my husband’s annoying whining and constant reminders that chewing ice is not only annoying to those around me, but it’s also AWFUL  for your teeth!   Just so you know, dentists say it’s the equivalent of chewing ROCKS, and it can cause hairline fractures that can lead to all kinds of issues.  So please for heaven’s sake, don’t ever take up this nasty habit.   As for me, I just can’t help it. 

I actually “crave” ice, and it has nothing to do with being thirsty.  I have come to realize chewing ice is something I do for stress relief.  Yeah, I know it sounds kind of odd, but hey….I’m not judging YOU am I?   At least I’m reaching for the freezer and not calling my drug supplier..(he was actually promoted to Drug Czar recently, so he changed his number, but I’m really happy for him, moving up and all).  Ok, in all seriousness, I am currently trying to quit my nasty “ice chewing” addiction.  Is there a 12-step program for ice chewers out there?

Please let me know.

6 Replies to “Just call me a sinner!”

  1. Oh, my teeth are hurting from just reading that post! I suggest you go “cold” turkey and get rid of all the ice in your house for a while.

  2. I CRAVE ice too! I have been told that it is a sign of iron deficiency. One doctor agreed with me and one said she had no idea! I love Sonic’s ice and usually order my Diet Coke with extra ice! My husband even bought me a Hawaian Shaved Ice machine so I could indulge all the time!!

  3. Maria, Have you been checked for anemia? Craving or needing to chew ice is a sign of that. As soon as you said you “craved” it I remembered it was a sign of some other health thing and I googled it and that’s what I found. And you know the internet is full of true facts!!! 🙂 But seriously, you should check that out.

  4. My mom used to chew ice all the time…until she got on iron supplements for severe anemia! So I agree with all the posts mentioning that above. That being said, I’m an ice-chewer myself, and I’m not anemic. I just LOVE me some crunchy ice!

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