Looking For Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters? Deb Kim Will Help You.

The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor BrownBREAKING NEWS!  Just got an email from Amazon and The Weird Sisters is on the Best Books of January list!

Congratulations to Deb Eleanor on the debut of her critically acclaimed  novel The Weird Sisters.   To find a list of fine retailers, visit Eleanor’s site HERE. And don’t forget to  Tweet, FB link and leave a review as many places as possible after you’ve enjoyed the book. So what is The Weird Sisters? Well…

It’s not THIS from Theatre Database “Strangely enough the word weird has come into modern English entirely from its use in MacBeth. The word occurs six times in this play as usually printed: five times in the expression “weird sisters”.”

It’s not THIS from Wiki on MacBeth The Three Witches or Weird Sisters are characters in William Shakespeare‘s play Macbeth (c. 1603–1607). Their origin lies in Holinshed’s Chronicles (1587), a history of England, Scotland and Ireland.

It’s not  THIS plant weirdness from an old NYT blog “The Weird Sisters. They just keep getting weirder. The “they” I’m referring to are the bdelloid rotifers — small transparent animals that live in damp places such as puddles, or patches of moss. Among evolutionists, these animals have something of a cult following, because they have a lifestyle that is not supposed to exist.”

It’s THIS GORGEOUS BOOK from Amy Einhorn/Putman. As a  fellow Deb, I am properly  biased in favor of the fantastic fiction Sarah, Elise, Tawna and Eleanor have written. Here’s a smashing independent review to whet your appetite. Help us catapult The Weird Sisters to the best seller’s list and order today from your favorite retailer.

Amazon Best Books of the Month, January 2011: The Weird Sisters in Eleanor Brown’s delightful debut could have been weirder, considering their upbringing. Their professor father spoke primarily in Shakespearean verse, and while other kids in the bucolic Midwestern college town of Barnwell checked the TV lineup, the Andreas girls lined up their library books. They buried themselves in books so completely that while they loved each other, they never learned to like each other much. And when adulthood arrived and they pursued separate destinies, each felt out of step with the world. When news of their mother’s cancer makes a terribly convenient excuse for attention-hog Bean (Bianca) and Cordy (Cordelia), the “baby” who always got off easy, to boomerang back to Barnwell from New York and New Mexico, respectively, they return bearing the guilt (and consequences) of embezzlement and pregnancy-by-random-painter. They’re most terrified of admitting these failures to Rose (Rosalind), the responsible eldest, who stayed in Barnwell to teach Math and cling to her caretaker-martyr role. With lively dialogue and witty collective narration, the sisters’ untangling of their identities and relationships feels honest and wise, and the questions they raise about how we carry our childhood roles into our adult lives will resonate with all readers, especially those with their own weird sisters. –Mari Malcolm

It’s not this Weird Sisters either, but I think Eleanor’s book deserves a dance here at The Debutante Ball, and  it can’t hurt to channel a certain internationally acclaimed author whose debut novel took the publishing world by storm.  Don your gloves and let’s spin!

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  1. This is hiLARious – thank you for making me laugh! I get Google alerts and Twitter search results all the time for the Weird Sisters band.

    I remember hearing about Harry Potter on NPR one night when it first came out, and it was this quaint little book. It was in December and my friend Jen had heard the same report – guess what we both unknowingly sent the other for Christmas that year?

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