Three Cheers for Deb Eleanor and THE WEIRD SISTERS!

The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor BrownIt’s party time this week as another Deb’s book makes its debut! This time we’re polishing up our tiaras and putting on our dancing shoes in honor of Deb Eleanor Brown and her stunning debut, The Weird Sisters, out on Thursday (January 20) from Amy Einhorn Books! If you haven’t heard all the buzz about this book, I think there’s a fairly good chance you’ve been snoozing for the last six months, because people have been buzzing. Critics. Readers. Lovers of high-quality fiction.

I savored this book when I had a chance to read an advance reader copy over the holidays, and while I loved the story and quirky characters so much, it was the voice I fell head-over-heels for. I found myself in awe of both the plural voice technique Eleanor used and the sheer lyricism and beauty of her sentences. As a writer, I kept thinking, “wow—that was so well written,” or “such a gorgeous way to describe that!” I also found myself laughing out loud in passages (clearly, our gal Eleanor has a well-developed sense of humor!). And even despite my woeful lack of Shakespeare knowledge (promise to still like me?), I was still able to enjoy all the comparisons and nods to The Bard and his work.

I couldn’t be happier for Eleanor this week! Everyone at The Ball wishes her the very best with her exciting debut. Eleanor, we’ll say we knew you when! And, as soon as I have this baby, I’m uncorking a good bottle of champagne and raising a glass to you and your endearing Weird Sisters.

xo, Sarah

7 Replies to “Three Cheers for Deb Eleanor and THE WEIRD SISTERS!”

  1. Isn’t it exciting to share in Eleanor’s debut zooming success? Reviews are great. This is what the Deb Ball is all about – that launch moment and writers supporting other writers regardless of genre. I love it. KIM

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah (and thanks for swapping days with me!). I’m so flattered that you liked the writing, and don’t worry – I’m not a Shakespeare pro either. I just play one on tv.

    Can’t wait for your own little arrivals – book AND baby!

  3. Larramie, I think the cat’s out of the bag! Sarah’s right — the world is rightfully abuzz about The Weird Sisters, and it’s incredibly exciting!

    This is only the beginning of huge, huge things for you Eleanor, and we’re all so thrilled we’re going to burst!

    Much love,


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