Meet Roxy and Otis by Deb Gail

puppyimage2.jpgBorn: September 27, 2007

Household Coup D’Etat: November 16, 2007 puppyimage4.jpg

Months since I promised my son we’d get a puppy: 21



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  1. Oh, what cuties. What fun. (And, from a long-time dog owner and current dog mom to a three year old golden retriever named Ernie, what choas.) Enjoy it all. And thanks also for linking to the piece about the biopsy. I can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Chaos, yes! But I am TOTALLY in love! And I have turned into one of those Gushing Puppy Moms I swore I’d never be… oh well.


    My little dog, now three, was really like our first child. And very good preparation too! I may have to post a photo or two at the end of my Thursday post.


  4. Yes, Danielle, please post photos! And thanks Joanne for saying they’re beautiful. I really think they are, too!!

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