For Deb Kerry New Year Means New Book

In December of last year I was gifted with a brand new agent and my first ever publishing deal. This was pretty much the best Christmas present ever. It also meant that at New Year’s I was waiting on editorial comments for BETWEEN, and beginning to write Book Two, now affectionately known as WAKEWORLD.

The days have flown by, and now here we are again, ready to ring in 2013. WAKEWORLD is off to my editor and I’m waiting for the editorial letter and inevitable revisions. In the meantime, I have a brand new book in the planning and early writing stages of development.

A pattern is developing, and I like it. What better way to begin a brand new year, than with a brand new book?

As the clock struck 12 last year, I was at my desk, writing. Some of you might think that is sad, and wonder whether I have any friends or any one at all who loves me, and if so why on earth would I be at home writing on New Year’s Eve. Well, I do have people who love me, although I confess the party invitations are few, so you can set your mind at ease.

The idea of welcoming the New Year while engaging in an activity that is at the top of my priority list appeals to me. I don’t intend to spend the next year partying. I do intend to spend it writing. And so, again this year, I plan to begin as I mean to go on. A few of my online writer friends have expressed an interest in joining me for a New Year’s Eve Write In. Feel free to join in if you wish! Snacks and drinks are your own responsibility of course, so make sure you’ve got good ones!

Writer, reader, or casual bystander, wherever you are and whatever you find yourself doing when we click over to 2013 – I wish you the grace and strength to pursue your own dreams this year. And just a touch of magic to help them come true.


3 Replies to “For Deb Kerry New Year Means New Book”

  1. Sounds like a great idea, Kerry! Alas, I will not be joining this year. We’re just going to a friend’s house, but we’re trying to cram in as much of a social life as we can before March 13. Next year, however? My guess is I’ll be the first in line for a NYE write in! That is, if I don’t pass out at 8pm first ;-).

  2. Sounds like my kind of New Year’s Eve! TG & I never go out on New Year’s Eve, anyway. Too scary on the roads out there–no telling what those people have been drinking. *grin* Not that I’m *cough* opposed to a cocktail or two, but mixing it with driving is not a good idea. I’d much rather put my characters in danger than myself. 😉

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