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super-mom.jpgIt’s About Time! Just when this world could use a little saving, along comes Melanie Lynn Hauser’s SUPERMOM SAVES THE WORLD. Support our planet by running to your local bookstore to pick it up today.

Literary Mama! Friend of the Deb Ball, Gail Konop Baker has a new Bare-breasted Mama up at Literary Mama.

Debs on Debs! Deb Kristy stopped to chat over on Tish’s Diary at! If you’d like to learn more about the glam life–complete with trolls and steaming piles of you-know-what–of the hilarious author of CATCHING GENIUS, stop on by.

lottery.jpgGuest Blogger! Be sure to stop by the Deb Ball on Tuesday when we introduce another debut author, Patricia Wood, in a guest blog, “What a Difference a Year Makes.” She’ll be introduced by fellow Deb Mia King, who also hails from Hawaii! Deb Tish will be posting on Thursday. Patricia’s debut novel is called LOTTERY and will be published in August by Putnam.

And the Dance Goes On! Deb Tish’s next adult novel, INSIDE OUT BOY, has a home! The fabulous team at HarperCollins have bought the book with a release date of August 2008 in mind.

Debs in Review! Deb Tish was relieved and delighted when Publishers Weekly’s review of TOWN HOUSE called the book a “comic, big screen-ready debut” and “terrifically written.”

Hmm. If you’re feeling this week’s news is suspiciously Tish-centric and are wondering if Tish clubbed Kristy in effort to self promote, you’d only be half right. Despite what Kristy’s neighbors might have seen, I didn’t have a club. And my interests weren’t nearly as egomaniacal as it may appear. You know what they say about good news – it comes in twos. And sometimes with a heaping helping of rottweiler poop.


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