News Flash! April 29, 2007

Debs Keep Dancing! Deb Mia’s second novel, THE ALOHA DIARIES, was sold last week to Berkley Trade, publisher of GOOD THINGS, with an August 2008 pub date! A big mahalo to Deb Mia’s new agent, Jenny Bent at Trident Media, for negotiating the deal and to Wendy McCurdy, executive editor at Penguin, for saying yes! Read the synopsis by clicking here.

And We Have a Winner! Congratulations to Marianne from New Hampshire, our Debutante Postcard Contest Winner! She’ll receive a postcard from each of the Debs from their hometowns, as well as a good gift from Deb Tish (Toronto). Congratulations, Marianne!

Deb Tish is Seizing a Daisy! Larramie and Seize a Daisy talks with Deb Tish and her upcoming debut, TOWN HOUSE this Monday! Please swing by and say hi!

Happy Debs! PROMISE NOT TO TELL is now in its third printing, not even three weeks after its debut! Deb Jennifer is shocked, grateful, thrilled, and humbled.

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  1. Drea!!! Thank you so much. And Jennifer … all I can say is WOW. I know you had a big print-run to begin with, so this is VERY admirable (though not surprising – PROMISE is a great book!)/

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