News Flash! July 22, 2007

cookbook-med.jpgAre you hungry yet? Deb Mia and a GOOD THINGS recipe is featured in The Write Ingredients: Recipes From Your Favorite Authors. Compiled by New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster, the book features over 90 of your favorite authors to create a book of tasty treats. Pick up your copy today and bon appétit!

Friends in the News! Pat Wood, author of Lottery has been a busy media mogul. Check out fun stuff here! Not to mention the fabulous recommendations in both Redbook and Good Housekeeping. Go, Pat, we knew it would happen!

And The Links They Do Grow Longer! Do visit the fabulous Mindy Tarquini, Genre Neutral blogger and all around hilarious and brilliant gal, officially now linked at right, as is yesterday’s guest blogger, the exquisite Renee Rosen, and if you haven’t done it yet, I’m reminding you to check out Scott Johnson, he’s going to make it. You watch. Has Deb Kristy ever been wrong? (Don’t answer that!)

4 Replies to “News Flash! July 22, 2007”

  1. I am reading Catching Genius now. It’s a great read, and has moved from the bedside table to the kitchen table; this means I am generally somewhat awake when I read it.
    thanks for a great read

  2. Thanks for the link, ladies!

    Mia’s book is wonderful reading, but wreaked havoc on my diet. Mere description of those delectable scones in parchment paper was enough to make my mouth water and my hips widen.

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