News Flash! March 16, 2008

Deb News:

The Debs Take Manhattan!

Deb Eileen Cook and Deb Lisa Daily will be signing their respective debut novels Unpredictable and Fifteen Minutes of Shame together in New York City! Stop by, we’d love to see you!

Thursday, April 11 at 7:00 pm
461 Park Ave. (of course, dahling)
New York, NY 10022

Fifteen Minutes of Shame is coming to a theater near you!
We just sold film rights (yippee!), here’s the official announcement:
Lisa Daily’s FIFTEEN MINUTES OF SHAME, about what happens when America’s favorite TV dating guru finds out her husband is cheating — on live TV, to Parallax Productions, in a pre-empt, by Brendan Deneen at Objective Entertainment, on behalf of Jenny Bent at Trident Media Group.

Deb Lisa’s book just received a fabulous 4 1/2 star review in the RT Bookclub!

RT Bookclub
April Issue

Lisa Daily
**** 1/2

With heart, fun and a little love advice thrown in, Daily’s debut novel is a rollicking ride with a main character readers will root for. Relatable, hilarious and flawed to perfection, the heroine has a heart of gold. Daily captures the best parts of the chick lit genre. This book is an uproarious good time!

Summary: Darby Vaughn, dating expert extraordinaire, has just found out on national television that her philandering husband has filed for divorce. After an embarrassing 15 minutes that involve a stunned Matt Lauer and an arrangement of chrysanthemums that will never be the same, Darby must bounce back and not lose all she’s worked so hard for. She just may find that even if she had those 15 minutes to do over again, in the end, she wouldn’t change a thing. (PLUME, Apr., 320pp., $14.00)

Booking Mama just gave Fifteen Minutes of Shame a fantastic review — you can read it here. “Fifteen Minutes of Shame is chick lit at its best!” “I loved the character of Darby, and my heart went out to her right away”

NOTE: If you’re planning on attending the RT Booklovers Book Fair in Pittsburgh, PA stop on by and see Deb Lisa and Deb Jenny

Look for more about Deb Lisa and Fifteen Minutes of Shame this Monday, March 17th at Seize A Daisy where Deb Friend Larramie continues her wonderful tradition of presenting each deb as her book is about to be released.

What the Debs are Reading:
Deb Lisa is reading her 31-page tour schedule. Couldn’t put it down 🙂
Deb Danielle is reading Deb Lisa’s Fifteen Minutes of Shame…of course!

7 Replies to “News Flash! March 16, 2008”

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  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I am so happy to see that you sold the film rights! I’ll be there opening night! Now we’ll have another great question for discussion at my book club — who do you see as Darby, Will, etc.?

  3. Julie,

    You’re welcome! Thanks for the fabulous review 🙂

    Great question! As I was writing, I always saw Drew Barrymore as Darby (although my assistant and my editor both thought of Reese Witherspoon or Kate Hudson) and frankly, I’d be ecstatic with any of the three.

    I think James Marsden would make a yummy Holt (27 Dresses, anyone?) and Mark Valley (from Boston Legal) looks exactly like the guy I pictured in my head for Will.

    Judy Greer (Wedding Planner, 13 Going on 30, 27 Dresses) would make a perfect Tia.

    The agent, of course, would be played by Holland Taylor



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