Far Too Hidden by Deb Eileen

My hidden talents are so hidden even I am unaware of them. All week long the pressure has been building:

* Gail is capable of super yoga moves where she can bend herself into new and interesting shapes. I have a unique ability to fall asleep in contorted positions that result in various limbs falling asleep and then giving out from under me when I try to stand up.

* Jenny can tie cherry stems into knots with her mouth- which leaves me to believe she could do other things that she isn’t willing to type about in polite company. I have (on more than one occasion) laughed while having fluids in my mouth and spewed them all over the surrounding people. I need a splash guard. I think adding whole fruit to the mix is a bad idea – someone could lose an eye.

* Lisa is a movie line savant. I’m guessing when she starts hanging out on movie sets this is going to make her all kinds of friends. I’m the one that acts like I know what movie something is from although I can never remember the title, the actors or the setting. I will talk about it forever and then realize I was remembering something else. Usually by this time people wander away from me.

* Danielle tries to lead us to believe she has no hidden talents and then admits that she can slip veggies into muffins and park her car in a full garage. I have zero parking ability. When I attempt to parallel park I am so far from the curb people need to take a cab to get there. As for the muffins? I would never sully a perfectly good chocolate muffin with broccoli. This why Danielle is healthy and I’m most likely going to turn into a Frito chip.

* And although Deb Jess has this week off I met her in Chicago and she has all kinds of farm stories that lead me to believe she is a font of hidden talents. Not to mention I know she once raised butterflies in her bathtub. I’ve never even tried to do this, although once I left a spider alone in a corner of the shower stall and he eventually became mummified. This was less of a science experiment and more a reflection of bad house cleaning.


I was set to admit I had no hidden talents at all when it came to me. My hidden talent is surrounding myself with amazing, talented, funny friends. This year has had it’s fair share of ups and downs- but I can’t imagine a greater group of women to share it with.

My challenge for everyone is to pick up the phone today and call at least one good friend and thank them for being in your life.

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17 Replies to “Far Too Hidden by Deb Eileen”

  1. Aw shucks – what’s your number? Okay, I’m not that stalky – since we’ve never actually met and I’m really just an adoring fan. But I do promise to have dinner with real, live friends, how’s that?

  2. I’d call you and tell you but it is 8:30 here in Indiana which means it’s only 5:30 in Vancouver and I wouldn’t want to get the dogs out of a sound sleep. But, I do want to thank you for being in your mother’s and mine lives. It has given it a new purpose and reward.
    Y V V P F

  3. You also have an amazing talent for being a great listener and to remind others that things will get better! It takes two to make a great friendship so if you’re surrounded by wonderful people they must think you’re pretty wonderful too! I know I do!

  4. You are SOOO funny, Eileen and kind and generous and just all around amazing! None of those talents are hidden… so maybe it’s just a matter of semantics.

  5. Oh trust me people- the funny is out there. Not hidden. I can’t keep the funny light under a bushel. Alas- apparently I can’t keep much secret as I think all my talents are right out there. Joann- you’re on for lunch!

  6. I 2nd, 3rd and 4th the fact that you’re hilarious and I know great fun to be with even though i’ve only e-been with you 😉 . Look out, San Fran, though!
    Plus, spewing things out one’s nose can indeed be a hidden talent. My friend once laughed tuna salad out her nose–I know that hurt. This is why I don’t eat things like tuna salad. ‘
    p.s. how very sweet that your dad wrote such a nice thing. That’s a big fat added bonus to have parents who love you so much that they’d go on a blog to tell you!

  7. Eileen, don’t downplay your ability to attract the strangest news stories and phenomena. Every time I come across a wacky story, I feel magnetically compelled to send it to you. Then I feel lazily compelled not to.

  8. Aw, this post made me get all teary-eyed! You can add that to your list of talents: hilarious, generous, thoughtful, and able to inspire hankie-fetching through amazing and moving writing.

    And I too think you’re pretty awesome!!!

  9. In my opinion, you have the perfect talent. Making people feel good about themselves, and feeling good that you have such wonderful friends. Now THAT is a talent I wish I had.

  10. I LOVED this post Eileen, and your dad’s comment made me cry.

    Your talents aren’t hidden at all – you’re hilarious, and charming, and a good friend.

    I will gladly join you in the Frito bag.


  11. Being patient, understanding and supportive of others are not so hidden — we almost take them for granted — but they make you totally wonderful, Eileen.

  12. For those of you who don’t know, the object of my political scorn but someone who has brought much joy in my life for the last ##years as of tomorrow is having a birthday tomorrow on Saturday. In her honor I will burn the 27 false ID’s she had at MSU that I wan’t supposed to know about.

  13. I love Very Proud Father and I don’t think it matters if your talents are hidden or not! You talents, Eileen, are many and should not be hidden…unlike my bad, drunken French speaking.

    Happy Birthday!

  14. I’m sure with Jenny’s hidden cherry-stem-tying talent she certainly took advantage of today’s special holiday and gave her husband what all men want on March 14!!! For those of you ladies unfamiliar with what March 14 is because it’s not yet solidified on the calendar, check out my blog to discover what some idiotic male invented!!!

    And Eileen–you mention Jess and farm animals, but you forgot to mention the DEAD animals too!

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