News Flash! May 13, 2007

Deb in the City! Debutante Jennifer McMahon is coming to Manhattan! On Monday, May 21 at 6 pm, she’ll be at Mo Pitkins Bar & House of Satisfaction in the East Village for a reception and reading, along with fellow Harper debut authors Amy Bryant (POLLY) and Heather McElhatton (PRETTY LITTLE MISTAKES). If you’re in the city, or anywhere on the eastern seaboard, or have some frequent flyer miles saved up, please come! Jennifer will also be blogging this Wednesday about Amy’s and Heather’s awesome books.

The Party has started! Early reviews have started coming in for Deb Anna David’s Party Girl, which is being released June 1st. Publisher’s Weekly calls it “bubbly and witty,” the Jossip website notes that “Anna David deserves kudos for making her struggle with drugs and alcohol surprisingly funny,” and Redbook‘s June issue recommends the book in their “What to do this month” page, saying it “combines a candid picture of addiction and recovery with scandalously funny, only-in-LA adventures.”

It’s Deb Friend Sunday!

Check out performance artist and author Nathan Singer performing an excerpt from A Prawer For Dawn. Makes me want to get on stage!

dept-lost-thumb.jpgAllison Winn Scotch’s THE DEPARTMENT OF LOST AND FOUND debuted on Tuesday! Get out there and buy a copy, you don’t want to miss this smart, funny novel about a young woman dealing with breast cancer that Cosmopolitan is calling “Too good to pass up,” and Publisher’s Weekly describes as “A bonbon of book.” Congratulations, Allison!

And congratulations to Cynthia Langston, debut author of Bicoastal Babe, on her recent engagement! We all wish you the best, Cynthia!