We’ll Always Have Paris By Deb Anna

I’m definitely tempted, now that the topic is pop culture, to just surrender to my lowest common denominator urges and write about Paris and her potential incarceration. I actually went on CNN and discussed this issue twice this week (I will talk about Paris ad infinitum if it means publicizing my book, and they were kind enough to show the book cover both times). I just want to know who wrote the petition that’s been sent to
, because that person needs to pursue a career in fiction! According to it, she “provides hope for young people all over the world,” and that movie House of Wax that she was in is a “horror classic.” Will she go to jail or not? Truthfully, I really don’t care.

I’d actually rather discuss the book I’m listening to (and yes it counts as reading when you’re listening to it), Mergers & Acquisitions. It’s by Dana Vachon, who’s under 30 andgot $650,000 for it, and I had every intention of hating it and him for those facts alone. But then I went to his book party and found him too charming to dislike. So now I’m reading/listening and utterly enthralled by the antics of bankers who care more about golf club memberships than anything else. His descriptions are spot-on and I’m actually driving around looking like an insane person, cackling at Roger Thorne’s ribald tales of his sex life, as I switch lanes. I’ve even been blogging about this on my own site.

So I’m buying into the Dana Vachon hype while attempting not to surrender to following the hysteria around Paris Hilton’s latest antics.

Unless, of course, CNN calls again.

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  1. Ahh, but are you up against Danny Bonaduce again? I want you and him in a death-cage match over Paris. You can dress in Party Girl attire and every time Bonaduce sneers at you and asks if YOU were ever addicted you could whip your Party Girl cape around and, hmmm, okay, I haven’t gotten much further than that. But I DO think that, properly motivated (perhaps by PARTY GIRL book covers flashing repeatedly across the screen) you could beat his sorry red-haired butt!

    None of which has anything to do with Dana Vachon, but he got on my bad side after I watched the two of you talking about Anna Nicole Smith.

  2. Actually, it was pretty funny. We were in the frozen yogurt place and they had it on when we walked in, so I loudly exclaim with a big smile, “Look, it’s Anna!” not thinking, just happy to see you on the screen. Everyone in the place gives me such a look of disgust, and I don’t figure out until later that they all thought I meant “Look, it’s Anna NICOLE SMITH!” as though I’m really pleased to see her splashed all over TV again 🙂 And yes, the thing with Bonaduce WAS horrifying. I wanted to smack him!

  3. When am I ever going to see you on these shows, Anna? Serendipty seems to be favoring Kristy for the moment. As for Paris, why does anyone care? Um, having written that, I realize that’s undoubtedly the cause of her problems. (Sigh)

  4. I saw you on CNN last week Anna. You were fabulous. Loved your storybook rehab ending for the Brit pack. And thanks SO much for coming to my signing!

  5. I need to get cable! And I’m envious that you and Tish had a chance to meet! I’m sure one day we’ll all have a chance to be in the same room together …

  6. I don’t think Paris needs to go to jail. Paris needs to be forced to live somewhere way worse, were there are actual rats running around… some place where the CDC wouldn’t approve. Just so she can see what real hell is like.

  7. Confession: I watch almost no TV and when I am standing in line at the grocery store, my eye is always drawn to the Weekly World News type stuff — Batboy and Big Foot and the 300 pound baby, so I honestly have no idea what Paris Hilton even looks like. Terrible, isn’t it?

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