News Flash: October 24, 2010


Congrats to Jennifer Poffenberger who has won Lisa Unger’s Fragile!

Jennifer Crusie is giving away not one, but two signed copies of her books – check out the info here!

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Tawna was honored this week to be interviewed by Gabriela Lessa as part of a series for Women’s Fiction Month. Gabriela kicked off the series a few weeks ago by interviewing the amazing Jodi Picoult (who, incidentally, guest blogged at the Debutante Ball a couple years ago here). Deb Tawna had the pleasure of wrapping up this portion of the series with a fun interview about labels, humor, blogging, and Strip Battleship. You can check it out here.

Deb Kim thanks Larramie from Divining Wand for a wonderful “revealing” on Divining Wand.

Deb Eleanor‘s The Weird Sisters has a new release date – January 20, 2011!  Want to know why?  Follow her on Twitter or Facebook or subscribe to her blog for upcoming details!

Friends of the Debs…

Upcoming guest Julie Klam‘s upcoming You Had Me at Woof is a People Pick in this week’s People Magazine!

Erin Blakemore will be visiting the Debs in November, but her debut book, The Heroine’s Bookshelf is available now!

Deb Dish — If I Could Live Anywhere, It Would Be…

Deb Elise

I used to live in a great rent-controlled apartment in Santa Monica, just 5 blocks from the beach, walking distance to the Third Street Promenade and Montana Avenue.  I rode my bike or ran on the beach every day, and walked to a fabulous Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday.  I moved because my husband and I wanted a dog and a kid, and there just wasn’t enough room there, but eventually I’d love to move back to the same general area, just into a house this time.  (Of course, given that the houses there cost about a zillion dollars, it won’t be happening any time soon, but still…)

Deb Eleanor

Given that I’ve just moved halfway across the country to live in a place I’ve always wanted to (Colorado), it would be bad karma – and probably impolite – to say anywhere else.  Mountains, cool, dry weather, lots of green spaces, and people so nice you would swear they are all your best friend in disguise?  Sign me up.  And I didn’t even mention the Tattered Cover, an amazing local independent bookstore kind enough to host readings by some of my favorite authors.

Deb Kim

Right where I am! We’ve had to move several times and I am DONE! 🙂

Deb Sarah

Right here in sweet Seattle, my favorite city on earth. Sure, there’s been a time or two when I’ve been momentarily wooed away by the lure of sandy beaches and warmer climates–even the lights of New York–but I know in my heart that I’ll never leave the Emerald City. I love the fir trees, the rain, the respect for good coffee, and especially the lack of pretense (gotta love a town where you feel beautiful in a sweater and yoga pants tucked into Uggs).

Deb Tawna

You know, I’m still reeling from yesterday’s guest blog by my career idol, romantic comedy goddess Jennifer Crusie. I think I would like to live in a cardboard box under her writing desk. Is that weird?