News Flash: September 12

From the 2011 Debs…

Elise's Barbie Movie

Anyone got Barbie-loving kids?  Deb Elise’s latest Barbie DVD, Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale, will be released September 14th.  Word on the street is it includes a fashion show featuring pets in beautifully plussed-out outfits.  Deb Elise’s dog Riley has issued a statement telling the world this does not come from real life, and he would never be caught dead in crinolines.

Past Deb Updates…

Deb Sarah is thrilled to announce that NYT bestseller Emily Giffin has endorsed SKIPPING A BEAT, which will come out in February! Here is Emily’s quote: “Sarah Pekkanen has done it again. Original, engaging and soulful, SKIPPING A BEAT explores the complexity of marriage and what it really means to share a life. I fell in love with Julia, a funny, flawed, utterly real heroine, and felt the weight of her dilemma with every page, all the way through to the surprising, satisfying finish.”

Deb Dish — What the Debs are Reading!

Deb Elise

I have been on a 2010 Deb spree!  Actually read The Opposite of Me and Restoring Harmony (past-Debs Sarah and Joelle, respectively) awhile back, but last week I finished past-Deb Emily’s The Whole World, which had me hanging on every word.  I’m now almost finished past-Deb Alicia’s Simply From Scratch, whose characters are living, breathing, and so engaging I’m sorry I’ll be leaving them soon.  I’m blown away by the Deb talent all around me on this site — wow.

Deb Eleanor

Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon.  For the umpty-millionth time.  On a 30-hour car trip, Jamie is a nice distraction!

Deb Kim

Just started Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Deb Tawna

Just finished former Deb Joelle’s Restoring Harmony and now starting Hillary Duff’s Elixir (which was co-written by our very own Deb Elise!) It’s a very Deb-licious reading week for me!

Deb Sarah

Reading and loving an early copy of Deb Kim’s book All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa, and also going through the first pass pages of my own novel, The Violets of March, out next summer from Penguin. It’s a busy reading weekend!

9 Replies to “News Flash: September 12”

  1. Thanks, Deb Sarah. It’s like sending your newborn out naked when you ship an ARC. Scary! Off to Church – pray for us. Gianna tends to holler out, “Time for Jesus’s blood!” as the priest consecrates the host and wine. Sometimes people smile at us. Sometimes not so much! Deb Elise, when you work on Sesame Street let me know. Happy Sunday friends. KS

  2. Kim, I’ve never done Sesame Street, but A LOT of the people I worked with on the Muppet project did, and they’re as fantastic as you’d hope Sesame Street people would be.

    Just to update, since the news flash posted, I finished Simply From Scratch (excellent) and am on to Anne Lamott’s Imperfect Birds.

  3. Elise, I saw Gordon and Susan at BEA in 2007 and almost bowed down before them. I was like a tween seeing Justin Beiber. I managed to croak out their real names – Susan was dressed in full African garb and gorgeous. Roscoe Orman is still handsome. (He was on Sex and the City once – I almost fainted then too.) And Gina (the vet on the show) had a potty mouth on The Sopranos. Sesame Street has been HUGE in our world – and it’s very big in the autism world. I’d love to talk about that with them.

    Is Imperfect Birds a writing book? I think I’ve read it. Stephen Kings writing book was excellent – devoured it this past summer.

    Church was a success – phew! KS

  4. Bird by Bird is her writing book, and it IS excellent. Imperfect Birds is the last in her “Rosie” series… but it’s already also excellent.

    One day I’ll tell you about how I instantly reverted to three-years-old in front of Carol Spinney (Big Bird). I was twenty-six at the time. Not pretty.

  5. Wow, lots of fun Deb news! So exciting to be a part of the gang.

    I’m especially thrilled at Sarah P’s blurb from Emily Giffin, as she’s one of my favorite authors. Congrats on that!


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