News Flash: Sunday, May 2

Recorded Books acquired audio rights to Deb Alicia’s Simply From Scratch. Also she received another blurb, this one from Justin Cronin, author of The Passage: “A love-letter of a novel. There’s enough warmth here to fill your house on the coldest night. You’ll wish you knew these people, this world.”

Simplified Chinese rights have been sold for Deb Sarah’s The Opposite of Me!

Deb Joelle is kicking off an 18 Day Blog tour to celebrate both her release days (Restoring Harmony comes out May 13th in the US and May 18th in Canada). She’s giving away prizes each week, free ARCs of her friends’ books you don’t want to miss, and a Grand Prize you must enter to win! The tour is listed in the sidebar on her website, and contests are part of the blog.

In other news, School Library Journal Blog, did a quick blurb about Restoring Harmony this week, but the real news is the award Betsy Bird gave Deb Joelle’s author photo. You have to scroll way down, but there’s no way you can miss it if you know what Deb Joelle looks like. Congrats to her photographer for the honour!

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