Quiet Words by Deb Tiffany

bookcoverI guess you could say there are two kinds of books in the world: introverted and extroverted. I’m personally a fan of the introverted genre, and I think that shows in my writing.

The novels I like are ruminative, exploratory. They examine a character or a situation for the why and how more than just tell you the what. To wit: Lolita, Anna Karenina, Crime and Punishment. Or, more recently, a book like Little Bee or The Kite Runner. Certainly, these books include jaw-dropping scenes and great plots, but the narrative circles the main situation of the novel rather than drives a stake through the middle of it the way, say, The Da Vinci Code does.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a good thriller. I like them. I just don’t write them. Occassionally, I’ll spot a reader review of The Little Giant of Aberdeen County griping that the “nothing happens” in the novel, or that I go “on and on and say nothing.”

Really? I mean, there ARE words on the page, and they are there for a reason. I hope they’re telling Truly’s story. But I take the point. Truly isn’t Robert Langdon. She’s not going to find a body in Le Louvre, and start solving codes every other page while albino killers run after her in a religious frenzy.

I guess I’m just more naturally inclined to take a more introverted approach to the world’s bizarre and puzzling events. For me, writing is the translation of “what if” into “what does it mean?” And if that isn’t quite your cup of tea, well, there’s a new Dan Brown coming out in September!

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  1. Interesting, Tiffany! I would never describe Little Giant by saying “Nothing happens.” For me, dramatic tension is just as engaging as action.

  2. I go through phases. Sometimes I love the introverted kind, other times I can’t stop gobbling up the action. Where would we be without both? I’m happy that there is always something for everyone to read no matter what mood they’re in or experience their living through. I’m working on the second draft of a novel right now and I don’t know yet where my story will fall.

    I think I need to go to the book store and pick up all of the Deb’s books! It would be nice if they were available for purchase in a bundle (hint, hint). Reading the blog is making me want to know the “inside” scoop on everyone’s writing:)

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