A personality jumble by Deb Meredith

mcoledoorWhen faced with a choice, I usually gravitate to “neither.” I really don’t like to be categorized or to think of everything as black and white or either/or. And so my answer to whether I’m an introvert, an extrovert or neither is, as it is with many other choices, “it depends.”

Introvert? Let’s see… I like to spend time alone. I need to spend a little time alone everyday (a challenge as a mom). I’m happy doing my own thing. And I feel shy sometimes when I have to make a phone call. It feels so intimidating.

The introvert in me helps to make me a good writer. I don’t mind spending hours without anyone to talk to. I like to work for myself and by myself. I’ll often just want to curl up at night with a good book then go to a party. But once I’m there…

I’m not one of those people who sit in the corner all night, longing for the evening/party to be over. Does that make me an extrovert? Hmm… I love to “work” a room. I love to chat with people, so book signings and author events are lots of fun. I enjoy throwing dinner parties and introducing people (although I am definitely the world’s worst matchmaker).

The extrovert in me helps to make me a good promoter. I like to meet new people and find out all about them. I can find something to talk about with almost anyone, and I’ll often seek out someone who looks shy to plunge into the party and chat with them.

And the neither? The neither makes me able to inhabit both worlds. I like a little solitude and a little socialization every day. Too much or too little of one or the other and I feel off-balance. After being alone all day with my computer, I’m very happy to see my husband, son and friends. After a day on the road with my book tour, I have to go back to my hotel, put my feet up and be alone for a little while.

So what does that make me? Someone who has a jumble of different personality traits. Someone who enjoys defying categorization. Someone who is… myself.

So—are you an introvert, extrovert or neither? I want to know!

4 Replies to “A personality jumble by Deb Meredith”

  1. Balance! Now that’s a new idea to me, LOL.

    I’m lucky that my extreme aloneness is counteracted by my husband’s extreme get-out-and-go-ness. But, like you, I like meeting people and interacting in social settings–as long as it’s quiet enough that I can connect with people.

  2. I’m like you, Meredith — I can be very social, but I also desperately need a little solitude every day. I love meeting new people, but I also adore my quiet walks with my black lab. I think it’s those silent times that recharge me for socializing. And I think having that kind of split personality does lend itself well to the world of writing/publishing.

  3. The ice skating was quite an adventure, Larramie–my ankles are sore! Yes, I think the combo is great for a writer, Sarah. It both makes me go out and socialize and makes me crawl into my quiet office and write.

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