Secret Indulgences by Deb Mia

My secret indulgence would put Deidre to shame.

I give you Exhibit A: the powdered donut.images.jpg

And not just any powdered donut. It’s got to be a mini, it’s got to be completely processed and devoid of any nutritional value, and it’s got to come in a windowed box of 12 or 24, clumps of powdered sugar everywhere.

I don’t really like to share them, which is fine by my family who tend to eat a bit healthier than me. Still, I’m not one to take chances so I tend to buy a box and then eat them in the car, just to make sure. Ahhhh …

scones.jpgBut lately I’ve been off the junk in favor of healthier options, even though I’m sure if I showed up with a box of powdered donuts vs Deidre’s maple walnut scones at a book signing, I might increase my chances of attracting a broader readership. Hmmm. Now that’s food for thought.

What would be your favorite food at a book signing?

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  1. I don’t know about for a book signing, but I am particularly partial to those mini chocolate donuts … you know, the ones with the fake waxy chocolate coating? Entemann’s makes full sized ones that are chocolate cake, too. I ate them by the bucketload when I was pregnant (do you suppose that’s why I gained 53 pounds?).


  2. I LOVE those little powdered doughnuts. But my favorite secret no redeeming value indulgence is the french horn pastries stuffed with sweet stuff. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Well…..I love plain New York cheese cake and coffee. If I can’t have those……Nutty Bars would be my next choice.

    They are sooooooooooooooooo yummy!

    ::::Begins to drool and exits thread to find aforementioned Nutty Bars. She’ll be angry later. She’ll blame you for tempting her, but not now. Not until she’s consumed that sweet, crunchy, melty chocolate covered peanut buttery goodness.:::

  4. I have to say I am a chocolate girl. Assorted chocolates at a book signing would be great. Plu8s, you don’t need any dishes to eat them with; just have a few decorative napkins and you’re good to go!:)


  5. I would love to find the cupcakes with buttercream icing from Ayelet Walsman’s Love and Other Impossible Pursuits. And if they could still be slightly warm, I’d appreciate it.

  6. Oh please, you’re all giving me such a sugar high and no I’m not diabetic. To be honest, the book signing event would be enough for me but — if you insist on food — a cup of tea with lemon and a bowl of fresh strawberries (san cream or sugar) would be YUMMY.

  7. So much for the $3.99 book signing option – I guess that went out with the dinosaurs!

    OK, you have given me LOTS of food for thought. I’m definitely seeing a sweet theme here …!

    On a totally unrelated note, just thought I’d say that the book business is much more than I ever expected, and believe me, I expected a lot. I’m just a tad overwhelmed by the timing of everything (too early, too late) and how much is required of you beyond writing a good book. People told me, but I didn’t believe them, but I thought I’d say, for the record, that I believe them now!

  8. I think any form of sweet treat, chocolate in particular, would be a hit at a signing. And Mia, I love those little powdered sugar donuts, too! I had a character in a book I was working on (then abandoned) who ate them constantly, and washed them down with Dr. Pepper. I found myself eating them a lot while working on the book. Perhaps it’s a good thing I abandoned it for now…

  9. Okay, I’m officially starving now. This topic is actually helpful to me — I’m in the process of figuring out what to have, food-wise, at my signing. It’s at 7 pm so I feel obligated to provide some form of substantial food. Though powdered sugar donuts could make a tasty dinner, too…

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