10 Replies to “Deb Kim Says “So Long, Farewell!””

  1. Wishing you all the best, Kim! It’s been wonderful getting to share in your debut year. Here’s hoping we 2012s can be as light on our feet as you of the class of 2011! Now excuse me while I grab a tissue (or fifty) before watching this clip…

  2. How lovely, Kim. As usual, you’ve gone out-of-the-box and had us all thinking/looking at alternative perspectives. Passion rules your role as a mother, wife, writer/author, and just being KIM. Please write that mystery and — where there’s a will there’s a way — take that weekend jaunt to Paris!

    1. Well I WAS going to use Loverboy’s Turn Me Loose “It’s ooooover!!!” but it seemed a bit snarky. And you know me, never snarky. And who didn’t have a crush on Rolf?

      I’ll look forward to seeing everyone again on blogs, FB, Twitter, here at Deb Ball in “Former Deb news” and elsewhere!

  3. You know, Elise was right, this does feel like graduation! Congratulations on a successful year – here’s to nothing but good things in the future!

  4. Had I not been cyber stalking you Kim, I would have never found the other Debs. Thanks for leading me to them. You opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you and thank you for all you do for the autism community.

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