Deb Eleanor’s Debut Year in Numbers

Eleanor BrownIn homage to the lovely Deb Sarah Pekkanen’s goodbye post, an homage in itself to the fabulous Bridget Jones , I give you my debut year in numbers.

Debutante Ball posts written: 49

Debutante Ball guests wrangled: 56

Debutante Ball comments left: 757

Messages on the 2011 Deb mailing list: 976

Miles traveled to promote the book: Oh, thousands.

Frequent flyer program elite status: 2

Times I woke up in a strange hotel room and didn’t know where the bathroom was: Legion.

Events to promote the book: 30 (stock signings and book clubs not included)

Times bookstore employees checked my author photo before allowing me to sign copies of my book: 2

Times bookstore employees were thrilled to meet me: Dozens! Thank you, booksellers!

Books signed on one day at the American Library Association conference in New Orleans: Just shy of 500. Thank you, librarians!

Amy Einhorn Books authors I’ve met in person: 5 (Kelly O’Connor McNees, Siobhan Fallon, Alex George, Sarah Blake, Mark Mustian)

Debs I’ve met in person: 6 (Sarah Jio, Elise Allen, Sarah Pekkanen, Tiffany Baker, Kristina Riggle, M. Molly Backes)

Graduate Debs who calmed me down when I was panicking about my 2nd book: 2 (xoxo Sarah P. and Tiffany)

Times 2011 Deb’s books release dates changed: 4

Awesome 2011 Deb books released: 6

Times Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) asked me about the Populazzi tattoo on my cleavage: 1

Things my fellow Debs and readers taught me: Millions!

I can’t believe my time at the Ball is over – it’s been a wonderful, exhausting, exciting year and I’m so glad that I had my fellow Debs and readers along for the ride.

Thank you, Elise, Kim, Sarah, and Tawna, for being such wonderful friends, and congratulations on all your successes!

And thank you, Deb Ball readers and fans of The Weird Sisters. You can keep up with me at my website, on Facebook, or on Twitter. And of course, I’ll see you at the 2012 Debutante Ball to support the next class of Debs, starting next week!

25 Replies to “Deb Eleanor’s Debut Year in Numbers”

    1. He did! And I told him it was fabulous debut novel, and he could get his own tattoo for right around the corner. Don’t know if he took me up on that or not…

  1. LOL! Impressive statistics. Especially the Lemony Snicket one. (Of course I immediately focused on the the cleavage-ogling stat. I mean, come on. You can’t toss something like that out there and not expect us to zoom in on it. Er, so to speak.)

    1. Sadly, the best part of it was his asking me – I’m afraid my response was not witty. But feel free to picture me saying something witty, if you like!

  2. I love the stats! And I think we definitely need to hear more about the tattoo incident! I’m not sure if everyone out there realizes that Eleanor has been the official New Deb Handholder for the past few weeks, but let me tell you, she has done an AMAZING job getting us ready to fill the big shoes of the 2011 Debs. Huge thanks to you, Eleanor and all the very best for your next chapter!

    1. Unfortunately, there’s no good story to finish out the tattoo incident – I spent my entire time in line being incredibly impressed with how Daniel Handler manages a crowd and interacts with fans, trying to figure out what I could steal, so when he asked me, all I could do was stammer out the facts. Oh, well.

      Glad it’s been helpful – you all will be wonderful!

    1. Teehee. It’s true, I don’t talk about it much – I’m kind of weird about not talking about what I’m working on, but it’s happening!

      You are lovely – thank you for everything!

      1. I would like to claim the privilege of being one of the more firsterly (that is totally a word, as of NOW) people to hear about it when you are ready to divulge, since we are book twinsies. BTW, hoping to start Bonnie’s book this week, we can chat about that on Twitter, though!

  3. Those were brilliant, Eleanor–I know everyone is enjoying the cleavage stat but my personal fav was how many booksellers checked your pic before allowing you to sign–that one had me rolling!

    Thanks for such a great year of posts–and for all you’ve done to show us upcoming Debs the moves on the dance floor. You’re our Deney Terrio, darlin’!

    1. It was hilarious. One of them was super-suspicious, too. Like who is going to sneak into a bookstore to sign someone else’s books?

      You all will be fabulous – happy to help!

  4. Graciousness personified, that’s what you are, Eleanor. I LOVE the backstory of how you’ve been here (with me) from Season One to cheer every other Deb on and how you now waltz off the ballroom floor in glory!

    Thank you, and thank you, Karma!

  5. I’ve enjoyed your posts all year long, Eleanor. Congratulations on your success! I look forward to reading The Weird Sisters. I’ve got a copy around somewhere in my pile (which only seems to grow bigger, but still, it’s a start). Good luck to you.

    1. Thank you so much for being a big supporter!

      And as for reading my book – never fret. You’ve got lots of submissions to get through, and I think that’s more important!

  6. Holy cow, you wrangled that many guest posts??? You’re my hero. One of the best things about this site is finding forever girlfriends – and you’re one of mine, lady, like it or not!

    1. Not entirely – some of them were handled largely by other Debs, but my fingerprints are on every guest appearance in one way or another. We finally listened to you and set it up differently for this next year’s Debs, and they’re kicking butt with it already.

      I wouldn’t have it any other way! xoxoxo

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