That Rosy Hue by Deb Kristy

I do, indeed, have a secret indulgence. It’s girly, and it’s vain, and it can get expensive; all things that I’m typically slightly derisive of. It started at about nine while I was at my grandparents. I was in the guest bath, the bath where my grandmother got ready, did her hair, put on her makeup. And there was the most beautiful little cylinder of Clinique lipstick beside the sink, in that old shade of light green they’ve been holding onto for so long.

I loved the shape of it, the perfect feel and weight of it in my palm. It was clearly new, because when I twisted the waxy column up it still had the most exquisitely moulded tip on it. I touched it to my lips–just a tiny bit–and I was hooked. I stuck it in my pocket and denied knowing anything about it when questioned.

I never stole another lipstick, but I could feed a small country with the amount of money I’ve spent on it since I was nine. I’m no snob, either, I don’t have to have Clinique, I’ll take anything. If there’s a little girl with a Barbie makeup kit anywhere around, I’ll badger her until she lets me try the lipstick. Bonnie Bell, Rave, whatever, if it’s colorful and in a tube-like package, I’m there.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the good stuff. Clinique? Yes, absolutely, I’m still a fan. But, oh, don’t even get me close to a M.A.C. store, and Sephora?! Valhalla, surely.  And my friends aren’t exempt. I won’t steal it, and I won’t use it on my lips, but if you leave it out, I’m twisting it up, I’m looking at the name, and I might draw a little line of it on my hand. If I like it, even if it’s your “special” shade, your ‘trademark,” well, sorry. If it’s for sale, it’s fair game, lady.

So, now you all know my shame. And maybe it’s time to look at your own make-up tray. Have you stuck with the same shade for years? Time to make a change, there’s a whole world of wonderful lipstick out there, just waiting for lips exactly like yours. But in the menatime, what’s your favorite? Brand and color, please!

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  1. Aww..that’s such a cute story! I have a similar addiction – except instead of lipstick, I am addicted to lipgloss. I just love the smooth and shiny feeling of it on my lips!

  2. Am madly in love with my new Lorac lip stain:Sheer Magic. Cover it with some Lip Venom, and you’re ready for anything….

    I promise to keep you out of Sephora if you promise to keep me out of Sephora.

  3. I don’t have a favorite… but it has to feel “good” to my lips and not dry them out. And, I like all sorts of colors depending on what I’m wearing. My grandmother had a little box with probably twenty jillion little tiny lipsticks in it from Avon…. all kinds of colors. I don’t think they were even an inch long. Probably testers, but I was in hog heaven.

  4. I’m addicted to all kinds of makeup… except lipstick. Never been a lipstick girl. Can’t keep it on. My lips feel sticky and weird when it’s there…

    Now, mascara… and blush and eyeshadow…. Have drawers full and use them.

  5. Judy, I am a Burt Bee’s kind of gal too, mostly because I can’t be bothered with “real” makeup (though I do have MAC and Bare Escentuals in case I do need to pull out the big guns). I used to be the copy chief for and had a discount that I sadly did not take advantage of (but if you knew me then, Kristy, you would have had a field day!).

  6. I’m like Maureen: I can’t stand the stickiness of lipstick, so I chew the stuff off. That hasn’t stopped me from buying some of that Guerlain Kiss Kiss stuff after I read it was Charlize Theron’s favorite brand. Damn, if it isn’t just more expensive chewable Blistex with color. I do have a perfect Chanel red that I never wear because it makes me look like a drag queen, but sometimes I do roll it up to admire. It’s so glamorous. Too dangerous for me, though ingesting all that red dye.

    P.S.: Yesterday I was in Indigo (Canada’s version of Barnes & Noble) demanding in a rather loud voice: “I can’t find Kristy Kiernan’s brilliant book, CATCHING GENIUS on the shelves. Where the hell is it?” The manager was brought down and explained that there were no copies available in Canada yet, perhaps because of some copyright issue. I demanded that copies be ordered forthwith, so hopefully, your book will soon be on the shelves here. The manager said with a smile. “You’d think you knew the author or something.” I replied, “I do! We’re tight.” Hope you remember me when you’re rich and famous and have an even more impressive collection of lipstick!

  7. I adore MAC. I have to walk by their stores very quickly as not to be sucked in. Maia- check out your independent- I found catching Genius here- then again I did tell her to order it months before it came out.

  8. I have a lipstick confession. I used to be a MAC girl (love their colors) but went through a phase when I thought I was allergic to lipstick (I wasn’t) and would only use Cover Girl. And Cover Girl cannot compare in the color department. So now I only have ugly lipsticks I hate and am afraid to retry the MAC. Anyone up for an pre-tour intervention?

    So Kristy you are now officially my listick hero!

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