TMI by Deb Eileen

Secret vices imply that you are good at keeping secrets. There is a reason I am not a spy. I have a terminal case of TMI (too much information.) My thoughts and feelings are on display for pretty much everyone.

There are some advantages to this. No one ever has to ask themselves, “I wonder what Eileen thinks of XXX?” I am incapable of keeping my opinion to myself.  If something goes badly for me, I am not brave and stoic, I succumb to the full on melt down. If I’m happy, you could easily confuse me for a Disney character as I skip along singing to fuzzy animals.

In meetings for my day job, one of my co workers is charged with kicking me under the table as needed. If someone says something I see as moronic, I have this problem where one side of my lip goes up and my eyebrows crunch up in disbelief.

With vices- also no secrets. If someone brings chocolate into my general vicinity, I break out into a huge smile and greet the chocolate as if we were lovers separated by the war.

Are you good at keeping secrets or do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

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9 Replies to “TMI by Deb Eileen”

  1. According to those nearest and dearest, my face speaks volumes; however, a real “secret” is kept close to the vest and I literally fool everyone. Not to mention, they’re so impressed!

  2. While I’m pretty good at keeping secrets, I’m lousy at keeping my opinions to myself. My husband occasionally reminds me, “Uh, that was out loud.” And I had a co-worker just like you–she sometimes thought it was her full-time job to keep me from saying something that would result in me being escorted from the building. So nice to be my own boss these days!

  3. I’m a terrible liar, but a good secret keeper. I think I give off a “tell me your secrets” vibe because people are always confessing things to me and asking me not to tell.

    On the subject of secrets… one of my all time favorite websites is
    People mail in their secrets anonymously on handmade postcards. It’s an amazing site. I’m totally addicted.

  4. Jennifer! Me too; my husband is always AMAZED at the things people who’ve met me three minutes ago tell me 😀

    But I keep their secrets.

    And mine.


  5. Ugh, I am sort of bad at both keeping secrets AND terrible at keeping my mouth shut. I keep having to tell myself, “They aren’t interested in your opinion,” and then I counter with, “But how do you know? And they should REALLY know this!”

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