TOWN HOUSE DEBUT!!! by Deb Tish (via Blackberry!)

I’m writing this at my favorite time of day (dusk) driving through one of my favorite spots in the world – Orange County. I grew up here and cannot describe how joyous and, at the same time, peaceful I feel about being in California on the eve of my book launch.

We,ve had a mini family reunion in the Hollywood Hills, complete with a coyote and a bee the size of a young grizzly. I spent the afternoon with my best friend from high school and a photographer traipsing through Fullerton High reliving crazier days. And to top it all off, I strolled past the famed Book Soup in West Hollywood to see my name and book in the window.

There won’t be any sneaking into the Whiskey on this trip, nor will there be any hiking up to the Hollywood sign in the dark. But it sure feels right to be living my own little milestone in a place that feels like home.

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  1. Congratulations, Tish!! Have a wonderful time on your grand tour and we’re all looking forward to hearing more details and seeing some great pics, taffeta prom dress nonwithstanding…

    Truly, I wish you the most wonderful day. May it be the start of an extraordinary new chapter in your life. Vive la Town House!!

  2. Heartfelt congratulations, Tish! Indeed, what a perfect location to celebrate your perfect day, I’m thrilled for you. Also rather thrilled for myself since Amazon delivers TOWN HOUSE tomorrow. 🙂

  3. I hope this day unfolds in slow motion for you, Tish, so you can savour every minute of it. Congratulations on TOWN HOUSE! I can’t wait to read it and watch it do wonderful things on bestseller lists everywhere. 🙂

  4. Congratulations! It sounds like you’re in the perfect place for your launch. Enjoy every second of it.

    I’m off in search of my own copy of Town House this very afternoon. I can’t wait!

  5. A belated congratulations, Tish! I’m so excited to read Town House, and I know you are going to do really well with this whole writer thing!

  6. For anyone reading this, just know that Tish was officially charming, modest and adorable for her reading. And, I’m just saying, I’m not sure the pic does her justice…this woman’s a stunner. The crowd ate her up…

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