Unpredictable: The Sonnet Version by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

unpredictable_small.jpgI loved Unpredictable. Love, love, loved it! Deb Eileen Cook is hysterically, brilliantly funny, her heroine is totally lovable and the book is tightly written. I nearly gave myself an asthma attack from all the laughing.

And since the response was so enthusiastic to last week’s poetic offerings for Deb Jenny, here is my sonnet for Eileen. (Actually, I did write two, but this one is much better than the other–not that that’s saying a lot–so I’m just posting one.)

Unpredictable: The Sonnet
or: The Woe, the Woo and Who Loves Who?

Woe to Sophie who hides in the laundry
Tears on her cheeks and a hitch in her plan.
Sophie’s not psychic; she’s in a quandary
And doesn’t know how to woo back her man.

Woe to the man, the commitment phobe,
He’s careless and wayward and not too smart.
Woe to the sceptic in professor’s robe,
His teachings may gain then lose him his heart.

Woe the false oracle heeds not advice,
Alack and forsooth, Doug must be her guy.
Though Nick McKenna is really quite nice,
She will the sage psychic, personify.

Hearts and minds fold like gotch origami
Sophie the psychic is a tsunami.

Now go read Unpredictable and this sonnet will make much more sense!

Congrats Eileen and Happy Launch Week!

Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman

12 Replies to “Unpredictable: The Sonnet Version by Deb Danielle Younge-Ullman”

  1. I was giggling all the way through this. And hey, maybe there’s a way you could teach pilates IN sonnet form!! (From the girl who just successfully completed her fourth pilates class–woohoo!)

  2. Hmm, I notice no one has asked me what gotch is and that’s a word that got edited out of Falling Under because no one who read it knew.

    Cindy–I would definately write sonnets for $! But where do I find an employer? You’re going to love Eileen’s book, BTW.

    Hi Joanne! It wouldn’t be the same here without you! Got your order from Heather yet?

    Gail–glad you like it.

    Jess–4 classes is great! And there are some commonalities–counting, rhythm, breathing…I’m pretty sure I could write a pilates sonnet.

    Eileen–are you going to publish some poetry? I bet it would be hilarious. Happy, happy day 4!

    Larramie–very funny–I think we might all be a bit psychic after reading Unpredictable…or at least know how to fake it.

  3. Dear Ms. Reisman, obviously the relentless phone calls, e-mails and incessant whining has worked, for my BOOKS JUST ARRIVED.

    Thank you so much, although I will get no work done this weekend and my husband will suffer from the lack of attention on Valentines day.

    p.s. Happy V-day to you all. If you don’t currently have a significant other, you can redefine V-day and celebrate your lady parts instead. Or we can all just celebrate our lady parts. (yes, I’m giddy thanks to the book order, what of it?)

  4. Dare I ask what lady parts you’re celebrating, Joanne?
    BTW your bookplates are on their happy little way! Hope the border crossing goes without incident 😉
    LOVED your sonnet, Danielle. And because I’ve read Unpredictable, I know precisely what it means! So go get your copy everyone!

  5. Yes, Happy Valentines Day to all! And Joanne, I’m happy Heather finally came through and that you’re celebrating. I’m killing myself over the idea of redefining V-day.

    Jenny, I should have known you’d figure out “gotch”.

    Lisa, I will, I will!

    Thanks everybody. These launch weeks are so much fun and Unpredictable is the perfect Valentine read. In fact, it’s the perfect read for almost anytime.

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