What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation? by Deb Gail

It’s Labor Day and by the miracle of computer technology, you’re here and I’m not. And because you’ve been kind enough to take the time to read about me, I’d like to turn today’s blog over to you.

Since it’s September and the topic this week is Teachers, I’m asking you the perennial first week back at school question, What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation?

So while I sip cool drinks in the sun and dip my toes into the cold Lake Superior waters, get busy and write!

Can’t wait to read about all of you…

7 Replies to “What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation? by Deb Gail”

  1. No, Larramie, we’re here!

    I haven’t done a big summer vacation, but I did go down to New Jersey to visit family and from there, into NY to meet my editor and my agent. That was an exciting day! And the NJ part of the trip included some waterskiing, which was wonderful, if rather painful the next day.

    Autumn is my favorite season and a great time for a vacation. Hmm, maybe I should try to plan one!

  2. Hi Larramie! No, no no! We’re all here and I’m back, too!!! Sorry to give the wrong impression. Autumn is a terrific time to go away. We’re back to get the kiddies off to school tomorrow! Do I sound too excited about that?

    Danielle, NY to meet to your editor and agent? How exciting! And waterskiing? Wow, you’re brave.

  3. Hi! Nothing hugely exciting for us this summer. We sailed in the BVI over spring break with 4 families (18 of us total) on 2 catamarans. So that was our vacation for the year. Just got to enjoy not having to run to and fro all day long with kids’ busy schedules this summer, which was nice. Went to a writers’ conference in NY in late May, which was great fun, and another writer’s conference in Dallas in July, and aside from that, no road-tripping at all!
    Now to get back to working on my WIP!

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