News Flash! September 2, 2007

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Many thanks to our trusty friend Larramie for tagging us with a Nice Matters Award–a friendly nod for being a blog with a positive influence in the blogosphere. How nice of you, Larramie!
And in keeping with the gratitude theme, we’d like to thank everyone who has eased our transition into the Debutante Ball as our first month already draws to a close, including Founder Kristy and the other Founding Debs, the loyal visitors who started with the Founding Debs and are sticking with us, and everyone who has come along and taken the time to read and post comments. We appreciate your support and hope you are enjoying our posts!

Friends of Debs:
Congratulations to the charming Mike Robbins, whose first book, FOCUS ON THE GOOD STUFF : THE POWER OF APPRECIATION hit the Amazon bestseller list at #2 this week. Deb Lisa says: What I loved about this book is how it puts into focus the things I could be thankful for. Bizzare, but I actually felt happier after I read it.
The fabulous Caridad Pineiro has a new book coming out in this month: SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN (Downtown Press, September 2007).

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  1. Your trusty friend made an error when commenting on Jennifer’s post last night. One of my recommended TV shows was “Mad Men” and it’s on AMC not TNT, please take note…sorry.

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