What’s Your Phobia? by Deb Tish

I’m going to follow this week’s theme of posting off topic and invite you to drop by www.tishcohen.com and check out my new interactive feature “What’s Your Phobia?”. Finally, a place for you to share your deepest, darkest, ugliest or most hilarious fears.

It should come as no surprise that Deb Tish has a few phobias under her chapeau. It should also come as no surprise that Deb Tish hopes that by wrangling up a whole bunch of proof that she’s not alone, she’ll feel, well, not so dorky. Now, anytime her husband says, “Are you kidding me? You’re afraid of celery now?” Deb Tish can–and will–print off absolute proof that being a phobe is actually cool.

Now I’m going to go even more off topic and offer up my thoughts on American Idol last night. Is it just me or did Sanjaya blow everyone else away? Somebody backstage thought to dirty him up a bit with a glued-on stache and goatee and, combined with his smarmy make-sweet-love-to-the-camera eyes, I’m willing to bet the little girls of North America nearly passed out with adoration. He’s not going home tonight.

And my inner prude so enjoyed Simon exposing Haley’s when-will-Hugh-Hefner-call-already? game plan by commenting on how she comes out each week wearing less and less and strutting more and more. I fear if she makes it through tonight’s cull, there may be a stripper pole on stage next Tuesday.

I apologize for a somewhat erratic post. Go get yourselves a wee drop of something restorative–you deserve it, poor darlings–and get yourselves over to What’s Your Phobia? to do some serious sharing.


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8 Replies to “What’s Your Phobia? by Deb Tish”

  1. Ha! I’ve been predicting for weeks that Haley would come out in a string bikini; hadn’t thought of the stripper pole, though. She’s gotta be going home tonight.

    Heading over to share my fears . . .

  2. Oh, yeah. Those legs are to die for. Especially for someone (me) who has the “sturdy” legs of her great-grandmother who walked across the plains. Somehow, though, I keep thinking that the next time we see Haley it’ll be in a Hugh Hefner publication. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Melinda and Jordin. Those ladies rock!

  3. THOSE legs are unreal, but will they save Haley from elimination tonight? Ugh, what a passionless Latin night. As for Sanjaya — “The Entertainer” of this season –, his continued presence sparks an annoying fear that he might just win because little girls are growing up with a sense of classless taste…sigh.

  4. Dialidol.com predicts that Lakisha and Jordin have the lowest votes! Yikes!

    And, though I am a Sanjaya hater for the most part, I (like Simon) will hate myself for saying that last night he wasn’t bad.

    If I were to choose, I’d say Lakisha, Phil and Haley should be on the bottom based soley on last nights performances. I loved Blake, thought Chris and Melinda did well and Jordin and Sanjaya were okay. I’d love to see Haley leave, but have a feeling it’s not going to happen.

    Okay… I’m off to your website to share my phobia!

  5. Sanjaya is the bane of my existence. And I have an irrational fear of sharks. Not sure if that counts as a phobia because they are well worth being frightened of but when I freak out swimming in a black bottomed pool suddenly, I realize that we’re in phobia territory and I really shouldn’t have seen JAWS when I was 5 years old.

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