Why I showed up to dinner with one earring, by Deb Katie

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So, my list of favorite books reads like a long innertube ride down a slow, muddy river. I go for the lighter fare, the gentler fare, occasionally the really-long-and-considered-by-some-to-be-insufferable fare.

I hit a bit of a reading slump about a month and a half ago. I have plenty of stuff on my shelves that promises to be good, but nothing seemed quite right. I started a few books that I couldn’t quite find the will to finish. One or two were the kind you even forget you started reading. (And then you find them sitting in a corner somewhere with a bookmark and guiltily slip them back on the shelf, bookmark still in place, to show that you made an effort.)

As my husband and I prepared for a weekend trip, I put a copy of Deb Meredith’s POSED FOR MURDER in my bag, thinking I’d check it out during my downtime.

Trip underway, downtime arrived, and I picked the book up and began to read.

POSED FOR MURDER is the story of Lydia, a Brooklyn-based photographer with a funky, feisty streak and a mind and career ambitions of her own. From the very first scene, the art gallery opening of Lydia’s envelope-pushing photographs, the mystery begins to build. Lydia’s photos recreate unsolved murders–but now a real murderer is recreating the murder scenes, with fatal consequences for Lydia’s friends and models.

So, downtime ended. It was time to get ready to go out to dinner.

I kept reading.

The husb began delivering timed warnings: “We have to leave in twenty minutes!” “We have to leave in fifteen minutes!”

Finally, with six and a half minutes left to dress, do my hair, and put on makeup, I reluctantly set the book down. And as soon as we returned from dinner, I went back to the couch, turned on the lamp, and kept on reading. And so it went for the rest of the weekend, until I’d devoured the whole thing.

I read a lot of wonderful books; books I don’t mean to diminish in any way by saying that they’re simply not the type you can’t put down. In fact, there’s a lot of pleasure in some cases in putting a book down and knowing it’s waiting for you to get back to it. That slow, innertube down the dirty creek pleasure.

But Meredith Cole’s POSED FOR MURDER is nothing like those–it’s the compelling, magnetic kind of pleasure. It’s as fun as a rollercoaster with no line, where the attendant lets you get right back on, but only after you get out, run through the line, and hop back into the car. It’s a total depature for a slow-boat girl like me… and what fun it was!

So next time you’re looking for a page-turner, look no further than Meredith Cole’s POSED FOR MURDER.

(The friends you’re meeting for dinner may give you dirty looks, but that’s a price you’ll be willing to pay.)

Order a copy of POSED FOR MURDER and find out for yourself: Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Borders | Powell’s

Hearty congratulations to my sister Debutante!

~ Deb Katie Alender

PS – If you know how much I like dinner, you would understand how astonishing this story is.

17 Replies to “Why I showed up to dinner with one earring, by Deb Katie”

  1. Thanks so much, Katie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book–and got to have your dinner, too! The book was tons of fun to write, and I hope that shows.

  2. Oh, I meant to rave about the cover, too. It’s gorgeous.

    POSED FOR MURDER did the same thing to me, Katie. Though I hardly ever wear earrings and also rarely go out to dinner, it did make me late for my next favorite activity — sleeping through the night!

  3. Meredith, you’re welcome! It definitely seems fun to write, although I know mysteries aren’t easy to craft!

    Kathy and Julie, I hope you check it out!

    Kristina, that’s one of my favorites, as well. 😉

  4. Erika, see, they’re something of a departure for me! Usually I can easily wait until after dinner to find out if Mr. Darcy will really let Elizabeth’s uncle fish in his trout stream. So this one was a real treat.

  5. Pride and Prejudice is one of my “comfort reads”–I must reread it every year. And I get sucked in every time…

    Sleep is one of my favorite activities, too, but every once in awhile I just have to stay up to find out what happens next… Katie and Kristina’s books kept me glued to my seat, too!

  6. Katie, since I’ve been hit by the same indifference in books recently, Meredith’s “compelling, magnetic kind of pleasure” mystery is definitely what I need. And that “rollercoaster ride” arrives by UPS today!

    Happy “official” Debut Day, Meredith…enjoy your party!

  7. Thanks I am! It’s so amazing to have everyone swing by and celebrate with me today. I pity any writer without an equally amazing support network!

    Enjoy the book when it arrives today, Larramie! I’m hoping to sell a boat load of them at my party tonight and end the day with a bang.

  8. Larramie, I hope it hits the literary spot!

    Thanks for coming by to celebrate, Jason! Now, I suspect a “back to work, you!” is in order.

    Kristina, it’s heavenly. And since I’ve exhausted Miss Austen’s repertoire for the moment, I’m currently listening to “Vanity Fair” by William Makepeace Thackeray and finding it similiarly comforting.

    Eve’s Mom, enjoy the book!

    Eileen, you must get flashbacks every debut week. Thanks for stopping by to see us this week! 🙂

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