In which Deb Kristina applauds POSED FOR MURDER

meredith's coverI want to be just like Lydia.

She’s talented, strong, resilient and also? She lives in a cool neighborhood and wears really groovy vintage clothes. All of this makes her a terrific heroine in Meredith Cole‘s Posed for Murder.

There are plenty of books which lavish attention on a character’s surroundings and clothing, but it seems to me many of these books merely label-drop – Manolo, Prada, etc. – or name-check New York locales even those of us in flyover country will catch: Madison Avenue, Central Park West, Greenwich Village.

But Meredith’s attention to Lydia’s clothing and surroundings aren’t shallow distractions but another layer of characterization. Lydia chooses her clothes for a reason. When she’s wearing a vintage suit and combat boots at her gallery show opening, you’ve learned something signficant about her. And since she chose her neighborhood and chooses to remain despite the less-than-fabulous porch covered in pigeon shit, you learn more about Lydia through the canvas of Williamsburg, her funky neighborhood in Brooklyn.

I also like Lydia because she ain’t no damsel in distress. Posed for Murder is a mystery and being the amateur sleuth, I’m not spoiling anything by saying Lydia will be in jeopardy at some point. But believe me, she’s no helpless ninny running into a dark alley until her spike heel trips her up and she twists her ankle while the shadowy foe approaches.

So for all these reasons and more you’ll root for Lydia while you follow along Meredith’s fascinating premise. Lydia is a photographer who has recreated the scenes of unsolved murders from her town, as a way to give voice to the female victims who have been forgotten. Remember this? Her photographs say. Don’t forget us. But then a sick killer twists this noble endeavor by recreating her photographs, posing the scenes once more, only this time, murdering her models, who are also Lydia’s friends.

A unique premise, a fast-paced read, interesting setting and a protagonist you’ll love. It’s a can’t miss combination. Brava, Meredith!

Deb Kristina

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12 Replies to “In which Deb Kristina applauds POSED FOR MURDER”

  1. Thanks Kris! I had a lot of fun with the clothes, as you probably noticed. And I deliberately made her take self-defense so I would have an excuse for her not to crumple in the face of danger. I hate when women do that in books!

  2. Thanks everyone for stopping by! It’s very exciting to think that my book will be on store shelves starting tomorrow… I have to keep pinching myself.

  3. Best of luck with the launch Meredith! I was just over chatting with you at B&N where you piqued my interest and now I’m even more excited about your book. There’s nothing I like better than a book with great character development…well, maybe I like a book with great FEMALE character development better – those seem to be in short supply in the crime fiction genre. Looking forward to reading Posed for Murder!

  4. Thanks for swinging by here, too, Jen! I love books with great female character development, too. Sometimes series characters stay a bit stagnant, but I hope to push Lydia into new and exciting directions in future books.

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