2012 Debutante Ball Application

Are you interested in being one of the new Debs at The Debutante Ball? We want to hear from you!

We are looking for female writers who have not yet had a book published, but will have one released between September 2011 and August 2012 by a commercial publisher. You need a firm release date to be considered (well, as firm as it ever gets in publishing!).

What makes a great Deb? We’re considering all types of writers – children’s and adult fiction, nonfiction, memoir, etc. – and we are also looking to create a Deb class with a good mix of genres to bring you an audience you might not normally get. It will also interest our current readers to mix it up a little. We’re looking for outgoing women with great writing skills who will keep the Deb Ball blog and community alive and well. You don’t have to have blogged previously, but if you have, please let us know where we can find you online so we can check it out.

Please copy and paste the following questions into an email and send them along with your answers to tawna@thedebutanteball.com We’re accepting applications through June 30th, 2011. We will announce the new Deb Class of 2012 around the first week of August, and let those of you chosen know by July 31st.



Contact info:

Book title:

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

2. About your book?

3. Publisher and scheduled release date?

4. Why do you want to be a Deb? What do you bring to the dance? Please feel free to include details about other writings you may have published; experience you have with blogging or online writing communities; and other skills or experience you may have with PR/marketing, websites, working within a group, or anything else you feel may be relevant and/or helpful. (due to the fact that all five of us will be reading all of these, please try to limit this to around 300-400 words, thanks!).

5. How did you find out about The Debs?

6. Anything we forgot to ask?

The main responsibilities of a Deb include, but are not limited to:

  • Blogging one day per week on an agreed-upon topic
  • Providing your fellow Debs with your book in advance of your release week so they can read it (one copy can be passed around by mail)
  • Maintaining the website (it’s all set up for you, so this is easier than it might sound, but there is regular maintenance to be done)
  • Managing the Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Hosting a guest on Saturdays and putting up a News Flash on Sunday
  • Choosing your topics for the year
  • Giving away a copy of your book to celebrate your launch week
  • Choosing next year’s Debutante Ball class of 2013