A Numbers Game by Deb Mia

Who would have thought that after all the angst surrounding the dream of publication (one I’ve had for a LONG time, as in … forever), I would let my debut novel out into the real world under a pseudonym? The reasons why are long and varied (you can get the entire 411 from my website), but here was how I came up with the name I did, the one you all know me by: Mia King.

First, I came up with a list of first names and last names that I liked best. Brevity was a big deal for me for some reason – I was drawn to single syllable names. My favorite was Sara Li (a play off of the brand Sara Lee since we have all those cooking and baking elements in the book), but my agent at the time thought it was a bit to cutesy. So then I came up with Mia, a play off my daughter’s name, Maya. King was one of my top last names, “borrowed” from a girlfriend who’s an actress in L.A. Then I took my favorite top 8 blends and did the numerology.


I did the numerology and instantly threw out the blends that equalled “doormat” or “shrinking violet.” I don’t know numerology, so I did it free online. In the end I settled on a name that wasn’t too intense (“You will rule the world!”) but seemed to be the right nature for me (“You will still be a neurotic mess, but highly creative with success.”). My number associated with my pen name is “1”.

Thinking about writing under a pen name or want to know if your real name sets you up for success? You can check out the numerology by clicking here!

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  1. Okay, I just went and plugged my name into the numerology site and everything seemed so true in that horoscope, anything-can-seem-true-if-you-think-about-yourself-enough way. But what made it resonate less was pondering if sentences like “You are endowed with a high vibrational energy that may be expressed through inspirational, teaching, preaching, acting, art or invention” also applied to the Dutch singer Anna David, whose biggest song seems to be something called “Fuck Dig”??

  2. Anna, Iperhaps there is a separate numerology site for the Dutch (which, come to think of it, Anna David does not REMOTELY sound like a Dutch name) … 😉

  3. I love that you used numerology to pick the name Mia King! That is so something I would do. I have been known to consult a pendulum, tarot cards and ouija board before making major life decisions.

    I must go check out this numerology site…

  4. The numerology site was fun–thanks for sharing it.

    I think Mia King is a great name–it seems very strong, yet still feminine.

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