Announcing Your 2020 Deb Class!

Today we’re delivering an extra, special edition of our Sunday News Flash to introduce our new Debutante Ball Class of 2020! We are so excited for the new Debs to take over in just a few short weeks and share their amazing books with you.

So without further delay please join us in welcoming:

Lisa Braxton, THE TALKING DRUM (Inanna Publications, May 2020)

Yodassa Williams, THE GODDESS TWINS (Spark Press, May 2020)

Amy Klein, THE TRYING GAME: How to Get Pregnant and Get Through Fertility Treatment Without Losing Your Mind (Ballantine, March 2020)

Kathleen West, MINOR DRAMAS & OTHER CATASTROPHES (Berkley (PRH), February 4, 2020) 

Karen Osborne, ARCHITECTS OF MEMORY (Tor, Summer 2020)


We’re excited to share more about our new Deb class and their books! Keep your eyes on this page for more about them in the coming weeks and make sure you stick around for their official introduction the first weekend of September!

Trust us – you’re gonna want to read these books! <3

And to our new deb class:





Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash



Author: K.A. Doore

K.A. Doore writes fantasy – mostly second world, mostly novels – with a touch of horror and a ton of adventure. Now she lives in Michigan with her one (1) small human and one (1) wife, but it's been a long road across the U.S. and back again to get here. The Perfect Assassin, is the first book in the Chronicles of Ghadid trilogy, is her debut.

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