April Foolishness

So I’m pregnant.

With twins.

Actually its triplets.

Who am I kidding.. there’s 9 of them in there.

Just call me the NOVEM-MOM ( I looked it up, novem is 9 in Latin)        Yep, take that octo-mom!  

Alright, alright.  April Fools!!!!

In all honesty, I absolutely DETEST April Fools Day.  As fun-loving as I can be, I have never been a fan of pranks or jokes of any kind.  Especially mean-spirited stuff when everyone is laughing but YOU.  I recall my first taste of April Fools tomfoolery (pardon the pun).  I was probably about 5 or 6, and my sister –who learned very early on how to prey on my innocence– decided to tell me I was adopted.  She even concocted a  well-orchestrated detailed story to back up her cruel tale.

I was told my parents knew a family who had 10 children and couldn’t really handle an 11th.  So my parents (noticing the striking and oh-so-ironic resemblance) told the family they would gladly take me off their hands.  Allegedly, all my “real parents” asked for was 20 dollars so they could pay their light bill that month.  That’s all I was worth; 20 measly bucks.  I was barely 6 people!  I truly believed this lunacy, and I was shattered.

Unfortunately, my sister didn’t quite understand the rules of the April Fools phenomenon.  If you are going to play a mean trick on someone, “swiftness” is key; you deliver the joke, quickly followed by the punch line.  Example:  “Hey Joe, your mom died –April Fool’s!” You don’t let the prank last 24 straight, agonizing hours.   So therein lies the secret to my utter, intense dislike for the first day of April.  Day 2 is much nicer.  I look forward to it!

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  1. If you can’t keep all nine of your babies, I’ll give you $20 for one of them. It’s Canadian, but the Canadian dollar’s really strong right now.

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