Back to School: My Favorite Writing Resources

This week’s topic is all about highlighting the resources that helped me along the way to publishing. The websites and podcasts I’ve listed below were (and are) all invaluable sources of information and support in a journey that can often be a lonely one. So saddle up and read on for my favorites:

First Draft with Sarah Enni

There is so much here to love about Sara Enni’s podcast. She has hundreds of episodes featuring children’s book writers (from picture book all the way up to YA crossover) as well as agents, editors and other industry professionals. My particular favorite has to her interview with Leigh Bardugo—an author I absolutely adore! Sarah dives deep with each of her guests, tracing their writing journeys all the way back to their childhoods to present day and all the twists and turns along the way. This podcast highlighs more than any other how variable the path to publishing can be.

Fictitious Podcast with Adron Buske

This one is for all the science-fiction and fantasy lovers in the crowd! Specific to speculative fiction, this podcast dives deep with each author. Adron asks poignant and insightful questions about each book, digging into the nitty-gritty of worldbuilding and characterization. Adron actually interviewed me recently for Fictitious (listen here) and it was a total dream come true!!

Pub(lishing) Crawl Blog

This one is actually a two-for-one as there is also a podcast associated with the blog. Sadly, the podcast is on hiatus, but you can listen to the old episodes on your podcast provider of your choice. Still, this blog is a treasure trove of information about all topics of publishing. Although it is catered toward YA authors, readers will find answers about everything from craft to contracts. And perhaps best of all, the content is written by some truly amazing writers…. And second best is that the site wasn’t blocked by my company’s IT department, lol!

Susan Dennard

In addition to being an amazing writer (seriously, check out her Witchlands Series) Susan Dennard is an incredibly generous author. Both her monthly newsletter and her website have a TON of information about writing, editing, querying, submission, everything—including the notable downs that can come with the wild highs. I actually used her editing method to clean up The Frozen Crown before I started querying. Seriously, if you have a question about traditional publishing, Susan’s website is the place to go.

Author: Greta Kelly

Greta Kelly is (probably) not a witch, death or otherwise, but she can still be summoned with offerings of too-beautiful-to-use journals and Butterfingers candy. Though she has travelled across the world, including brief stints living in Germany and Japan, life always kept bringing her back home to the Midwest. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her husband EJ, daughter Lorelei and a cat who may, or may not, control the weather. Her debut novel, The Frozen Crown, is forthcoming from Harper Voyager.