Bestselling – Best Writing – Best Living by Deb Mia

The things we do for our craft — Deb Kristy is en route to her home base in Florida after traveling on behalf of her debut novel, CATCHING GENIUS. As I write this, she is stranded in Kentucky, or maybe Detroit, dreaming about posting on our grog today (who doesn’t dream about posting our on our grog?!).

When I’m caught off-guard with my kids, I’ll throw in a video to tide them over. I’ve got two for you, and Deb Eileen found one as well. They’re all here for your viewing pleasure:

Like most videos, there are commercials in there as well – for products, for companies, for ways of thinking. Let’s hear your thoughts on the videos, and if they inspired you, irritated you, or bored you …. bring on the popcorn!

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