Big Apple Bite By Deb Anna

Yikes, here I go writing off topic again.

I’m winding up a week in New York that I spent publicizing my book. I was tempted to write that I’m winding up my New York book tour, but the fact is, I got myself here (using mileage, but still), paid for my hotel room and booked most of my own media appearances. Just a few tiny words can change the meaning, yes? (My junior year in college I spent at an American school in Cambridge, England that hired its teachers/tutors from the university. Sometimes in conversation this is revealed as “I spent my junior year at Cambridge,” which tends to draw far more impressed looks than “I spent my junior year at a tiny American school that hired teachers from Cambridge.”)

Regardless, the week has been exhausting, wonderful, and surreal. I logged exactly one meltdown that had me flinging my sunglasses on the floor of a lobby so that both lenses popped out after which a security guard informed me that I was creating a disturbance. Lots of trips to and from the Sirius radio office and Fox News (which happen to be right next door to each other). Plenty of talk about my book, as well as even more about the “party girl epidemic” created by the Paris-Lindsay-Britney triumvirate.

I was interviewed by Candace Bushnell, who commiserated with me over the frustrations of book releases by telling me that her multi-city book tours are thoroughly exhausting and usually accompanied by a realization that whatever book she’s promoting is slipping down slightly on the New York Times bestseller list. I did an event at the Borders at Columbus Circle, where I met the guy who started the Anna David fan club on MySpace (he had come all the way from Philadelphia with his family).

It was so amazing that words like amazing don’t do it justice but I’m simply too drained to think of anything better. Still, after all the bustling around town – in the middle of a heat wave, of course — I’m ready to go home and relax and take a break from traveling for a while.

Until, of course, my next book tour.

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