Hmm.. Honestly, I’ve wracked my brain this week, and it turns out I don’t really have much to say about dialogue.  Maybe it’s because I wrote a humorous book about torturing your husband. There wasn’t much dialogue really –except the voices in my head fighting to interrupt each other;         “So I was thinking it’s probably time to start writing,” “No wait, I think Grey’s Anatomy is on.”  “Hey, was that the doorbell?” “Quit interrupting her!”  “You never stop yappin..always bla, bla, bla.” 

However, if I recall correctly, there was LOTS of dialogue going on when I was in the process of writing my book. My husband (who normally wouldn’t care if I was e-mailing my sister or taking an online course to become a lone bomber for a terrorist cell) was suddenly very interested in knowing every word I was putting down as I vigorously typed away on my keyboard. The dialogue usually went something like:

Him: “…I noticed you’re currently writing about running over my golf clubs with your car.”

Me: “Um, Yes. Yes I am.”

Him: “Uhhh.. you’re not REALLY gonna do that right?”

Me: “Well, keep asking me annoying questions, and it just might happen.”

Him: “Is that the phone ringing? I should get that.”

Without dialogue life would be just plain dull –and the voices in my head would have no one to chat with.

It’s unfortunate how many things go unsaid though. I think we can all agree that life would be much sweeter with more thank you’s and I love you’s.

Love, Me

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  1. My brain has a constant dialogue going. Hmmm…now I see your pic this week, I’m thinking I should change mine for tomorrow to me holding my book. Seems to be the theme this week!

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