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Over the years, I’ve read a number of books on writing, and I can highly recommend the following (and I have no doubt most of you will have heard of all of them already): Stephen King’s On Writing, Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life, Anne Lammott’s Bird By Bird. 
















Bridget Smith
Jennifer Udden

I don’t really read many writing blogs, or listen to many podcasts, but I’ve got a couple I can mention. I do have to give a shout-out to the podcast my own beloved agent, Bridget Smith, records with her agent friend Jennifer Udden. You can find them at, and they are absolutely wonderful. Two agents sharing a bottle of wine once or twice a month and gabbing about everything from social media branding to literary scandal to career longevity. I wish I’d known about it before I found Bridget, because they cover so much helpful material for writers who are still querying, or even trying to decide if they want to self-publish. They get into topics like contracts, movies, submission, second books, and so on and so forth. And they take questions through Twitter and a bunch of other places I can’t remember. At this point, I mostly listen to them for fun, but they are also undeniably useful. So give that one a try.


My favorite writer’s blog is The Flannel Files, and again I’m shamelessly plugging this because I know the writer IN REAL LIFE. Flannel Files is the blog put out by my writer friend, Rae Theodore. Rae has been a guest of ours here at the ball already, for her debut memoir Leaving Normal: Adventures in Gender. The blog is mainly little snippets of happenings in her life as a butch lesbian writer with a wife and three sons. The thing about Rae is just that her writing is so exquisite. I happened to meet her (through some mysterious great good fortune) when I lived outside Philadelphia for two years and joined a writing group she happened to be in. She blew me away with her words. Funny as hell, she can also break your heart. So I recommend that one, too, and I’m also giving you all a heads up that she’ll be back on the ball next year. I’ll be hosting her as a guest, and we’ll be giving away a copy of her latest memoir, My Mother Says Drums Are For Boys, so stay tuned!

Author: Martine Fournier Watson

Martine Fournier Watson is originally from Montreal, Canada, where she earned her master's degree in art history after a year spent in Chicago as a Fulbright scholar. She currently lives in Michigan with her husband and two children. The Dream Peddler is her first novel.